Pop Tartis

I spit up Diet Coke through my nose when I saw this. Really.

Dude… with all of these totally awesome t-shirts lately… my closet is now brought to you by shirtWoot!

lol… I love it!

The best snack in all space and time.

Curmudgeon confession: There are days when I could wear this as a sort of armor against all the ‘ooh don’t blink’ bling out there – instead of pulling out the Venusian aikido moves ; )

Should be Pop Tardis - Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

The toaster must be bigger in the inside because there’s no way the tardis tarts would fit in it.

I grew up having Toastettes for breakfast, not pop tarts. I miss those.

Perhaps that explains the crazy design size?

Toastettes were great due to the lack of frosting. I gave up on Pop Tarts when I could no longer find any without gobs of sugary frosting.


PLEASE for humanity’s sake NO MORE DOCTOR WHO SHIRTS!!!

Most Brilliant Mash-up pun shirt EVER. Gorgeous, too!
Having said that, Doctors do kinda burn if you tell them you eat PopTarts, just sayin’

The shirt is a paradox: The TARDIS may be bigger on the inside, but the shirt is smaller on the inside, since it’s Anvil.

Good pun and fun design. Not a doctor who fan, so I’m good for 2 shirts a year now.

I would have liked it as pop tARTis, which would have also been able to play on Pop-Art.

As is - Time And Relative Tasties In Space?

Perhaps if it came with edible ball bearings…

They’re hotter on the inside.

The filling: fish sticks and custard?

Now I’m craving Pop Tarts :stuck_out_tongue:

Very creative mash-up!

Am I missing something? All the carping about “nothing but Who shirts…” Unless I missed one, it looks to me like the last Who shirt was offered on Dec 9. The injustice!! Too much! Too much!
Should I harp about having to wait a month and a half?
They sell, so they offer them.
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