Pop Your Collar

Which color are you in for?

Just for the record, these are an extremely tight fit. I normally wear a 3x but bought a 4X retail and it fits like 2x. Big men beware!

Will these shirts be transferred over to shirt woot’s reckoning list?

thanks for the heads up. I will now go one size larger!

Isn’t this supposed to be on middleagedmale.woot?

Argh, I’ve been waiting for these to reappear on woot and I waited till the end of the day to check it today. Darn my luck, I was hoping for another green one.

Great deal!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Also, just for the record, it’s spelled “Mithril”.

get some more orange ones please. i missed them

What? Where? When? Help!

No pocket, no sale.

If you like pocketless polos in new condition, check out the Goodwill and Salvation Army.
Women buy them, men refuse to wear them, and that is where they go, in hopes to find a new home before being sent to the shredders.

A pocketless polo means your glasses get broken, your smokes get bent, and your pencils and pens stab you in the legs.

Pocketless shirts are for (a) underwear and (b) women.

Pockets are also for those without fashion sense.

Actuall yinmy experience these run a bit larger due to being dri-fit. they are meant to be worn loosely to keep you cool, i usually order a size smaller and they fit me perfect. I normally wear mediums and wear a small in these.

I just received two of these in the mail, both size M in navy. Does anybody want them? You can have it for $20 each, brand new in the polybag.

Well played…