*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Grats on your print Lucas, but even if it’s only the second side print, it’s a no go for me.

I think I see my house

Wow… someone must post pictures once they get this… I must admit, I’m actually tempted…

Yay, not asphalt!

I dont get it

Hahahaha, I can’t believe thats all this is. Looks so plain, and unless you look close, it looks like a crappy etch-a-sketch. I guess if you want a plain heather gray shirt with some weird lines off to the side, then this is the shirt to get. But I don’t see many people looking at this and immediately wanting it.

The effort to quality ratio here is off the charts.

Hours and hours for a boring, unattractive shirt.

The Vatican?

pretty cool, I like the placement, i’ll sleep on it…

Had to get this… unique print, plus I kick myself for missing Sun of Kabuki…

If it weren’t on Heather Grey I’d like it… I don’t like the Heather look.

You guys should have a Grey-Grey… with no heatherage, that’d be swell.

this is the second side print… what was the first?

Pretty neat, makes me want to get out a pen and find the finish.

So what is it?

woot needs a disclaimer on shirts like this: “Attention, derbyists… just because we did this today, doesn’t mean you can later. Deal with it”

Looks like Phialdelphia, with City Hall in the middle and the Parkway off to the side. The parkway has… sigh… the Art Museum stairs Rocky Balboa ran up.

Sun of Kabuki

what is it a map of? my first guess was the Vatican too…

Ummmmmmm… yeah. I don’t get it. Pass.