Eh, it’s not actually the Vatican, but it’s close. If it were actually a map of Rome, every one of my Papist friends would be all over this…

Me included.

What about The Rustic, one of the first shirts sold? It’s printed on front but far offset to the right.

Sun of Kabuki

aw man. this is pretty cool. i just like hows its positioned. too bad.

what is this supposed to be? buncha lines basically?

Although I sense a general “meh” from the community so far, I’m totally in for one. Not a huge fan of the heather gray, but I’m all about the geometrically abstract. I just hope it looks good printed. Congrats on the print, artist.

Mechanical blue print for robot Buddha. next.

Supposed to be a street map.

the description presumes it to not be a real place at all. Which seems reasonable enough.

Oh, the Hairshirt?

It’s not philadelphia or The Vatican (just the name Popa makes you think it is). Google it. It’s just a made up map is my guess with some portions taken from maps the artist was looking at or thinking of - nothing’s every truely unique.

This reminds me of the intro to Death at a Funeral.


Everybody hates on heather gray but I really like it and have been waiting for some good heather grsy shirts to buy. This just looks like a stain. I’m disappointed.

reminds of grand theft auto

dude check out his other work! its actaully really friggin cool

Dangit… why didn’t I buy the clockwork orange?

Ah, don’t let the extra $5 stop you, my friend! :slight_smile:

It’s kind of… plain, I’ll pass and save my money.

there have been several side prints, including L’Homme à L’Intérieur du Chat

Edit: Oh, I see what you mean. Around the side, not just off to the side.

I’m just silly for not buying it when it first came out. I saw it, liked it, but I didn’t buy it because I wasn’t thinking straight enough to realize it’s that book I’ve really wanted to read. >.>