PopSocket Collapsible Phone/Tablet Grip & Stand

PopSocket Collapsible Phone/Tablet Grip & Stand

It liiiiives

HAHA you guys waited for this. Losers

Said the guy that read every post in the coffee thread

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It was either that, or do work

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Damn it that was scary for a few minutes there.

Yeah. You had to actually work for a while.

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just put on HAT hat and all will be well.

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Collecting TPS reports is hard work.

I shouldn’t have to do that! I’m more of a “sip wine in the tent while others do the front line” kinda guy. :smiley:

That sounds in-tents.

At least recommend a good duct tape brand for the site.

They don’t really use it anymore.

This is got to be the worst woot off ever. Pushing all those never selling craps in the woot off shame shame on you.

There’s a WOOT coming on
a WOOT coming on