Pork Barrel BBQ Pork Rind, 20 Pack

Pork Barrel BBQ Pork Rind, 20 Pack

Like the product but the price vs. what you get…yeah all bad

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If I use the cocoa butter will these turn back into skin?


Same here, would love to try them but not at this price.

yeah 20 bucks cheaper and i would spring

$34 cheaper and i would probably
maybe $39

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Magical but honestly the vending machine at work sells this same size bag (different brand) for $1 so doing some quick math this is a bad deal all around

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39.99 / 20 = 1.99 $/package
39.99 / (1.75*20) = 1.14 $/oz

And again, having “spicy” in the mix makes it a no-go from the start for us.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way I’m going to eat just a half ounce of these if I got them, that serving size is 1.75 ounces.

yeah thats too damn small, especially when most people are used to getting those giant bags at Sam’s for 1/4 of the cost per ounce as these