Pork Barrel BBQ Pork Rind Sampler, 20 Pack

Pork Barrel BBQ Pork Rind Sampler, 20 Pack

to quote another 1 deal a day website: “meh”. got these the last time offered and wasn’t impressed. they were ok just not a lot of flavor. ymmv.

No link?

mehstalker and I don’t remember them ever being sold at meh.com.

He’s not saying they were sold on Meh, he’s saying he bought them here and they were “meh.”

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to quote another 1 deal a day website: “meh”.

I guess you can read it either way. Strange demarcation of quotes.

I wonder what the other deal-a-day website was?

I guess it doesn’t really matter.

A report of a report isn’t worth much (to me at least) I prefer to get reviews from actual purchasers.

I love pork rinds and have a tough time finding good ones since we moved back to a rural northern Minnesota town. For 3 years we lived in Milwaukee and there was an international grocery store with a Hispanic influence, they had the BEST pork rinds/chicharrones/cracklins all different types and flavors.

I did a search for a review of these brands. Came up with this: http://comeseethechaos.com/love/pork-rinds/

Now, this brand came in last, but for what reasons?

The reviewer said they were too dense? Well, I cannot stand the cheap store brands that are all fluff and flaky with zero density. So that reason was exactly why I would like these.

Also, the reviewer said there was not much flavor. I might like that better. I cannot stand the fake chemical taste many brands use, especially the hot and spicy ones where all you can taste is, well nothing after you stick a few of these in your mouth. Pork rinds are dry by nature and then you have flaming hot spice in your throat? I’ll pass on that.

I am going to give these a try.


In case anyone is newly keto and still familiarizing themselves with the way sugar sneaks in on food labels, these are not keto. Dextrose and maltodextrin are both high glycemic index sugars. If you’re not keto, obviously this doesn’t apply to you so enjoy! But as a reversed Type 2 Diabetic, I know labels are tricky when you’re first learning.


@whatawhiner thank you. you got it.

I’d take some more of these if you put them up!

I really do like them. Not as flaky as some are that choke me nearly to death and I think there is plenty of flavoring on them.

I wish I had purchased two boxes, great snack for watching carbs. :slight_smile:


I will pass it on that you liked that they don’t choke you. :w_tongue:


My account shows I have 400 Woots today.

Please pass on that not a single one has killed me.



I passed your wonderful news on to the whole darn company. We’re very happy to hear this as is our legal team.


thunderous applause*

I don’t think anyone has made it past 359 Woots without being killed by at least one of them. Well done!


!!400Woots!!??!! HUZZAH!!!I wanted to say a hearty congratulations and a dear thank you for helping paying my rent <3 <3

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Holy. I just looked, I have 202 woots. I had no idea! Don’t tell my husband, he is already convinced I have a problem!

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I must admit, I hope you guys offer some of these as a woot-off item today! I liked them much more than what they sell in my local grocery store.