Portable Chargers

Do not purchase these. I bought a pair for xmas gifts, one functioned for a while, the other malfunctioned almost immediately, the light staying on and it would not take or give a charge. I notified Woot, they offered me $8 as refund (not even half!) and told me they had no others to send as replacement. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

For starters, 2,260ma would be a stretch to give a modern phone a single charge… no way it would charge a tablet.

Secondly, there are much more versatile options out there. For about $50 you can get an all in one charger that will provide double, if not triple to power plus they have built in USB drives and card readers with WiFi that can be used as mobile streaming devices. Something like this http://www.amazon.com/EasyAcc®-Wireless-External-Portable-Smartphone/dp/B00CSFCYFY/ref=pd_cp_pc_1

The Evolution chargers are terrible. Out of the four I received, two are defective and need to be sent back. Stay away.

Stay away from these. Like most of the posts I have now seen, I bought a pack of two for presents the last time these came up. One of them started working almost right out of the box.

Since they were presents, they didn’t get used (and therefor crap out) until after Woot!'s return window. So now I am left fighting for the 1 year ‘warranty’. I have a pretty good idea how that is going to end…

Save your money. Don’t get these.

Don’t buy these! I bought them and one worked briefly, the other was failed out of the box. Then the other one failed maybe 2 weeks later. Company never returned emails for an exchange/refund.

I agree will everyone else, don’t buy these, but for a different reason. Mine has always worked when charged, but it is really hard to keep it charged when the button keeps getting pressed. Even while in a side pocket in my purse it is always clicked on. Horrible flaw in the product.

I know the Evolution Brand is bad. What about the, RealxGear 2200mAh Power Bank ???

Seriously, the Evolution chargers are complete crap. Both died within 2 charges. Absolutely ridiculous that Woot continues hawking this junk.

These are what now give me pause to buy anything from woot. I used to (back in the day) trust the stuff they sold more than sites like dailysteals but no more. Why continue to offer items that are known to suck so bad. I bought these last year as christmas gifts to my family before reading the reviews and was horrified. They do indeed not work at all.

The RealxGear chargers are $20 on their web site, so the Woot discount is $0.01?

Really, Woot, a penny?

me too… bought 2 for christmas stocking stuffers for my kids. one failed right out of the box. stayed on, got warm and then died. emailed support and received a reply within 2-3 days. I never bothered to follow up and return it. In practice, the claimed 2600 mah was too small anyway. We all needed much larger units. splurged on a 10,000 mah anker for about 40 and never looked back. http://www.amazon.com/10000mAh-Dual-Port-Portable-Smartphones-USB-charged/dp/B009USAJCC/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1394319571&sr=1-5&keywords=anker

i didn’t look at their website, but you’re getting two here.

I was going to give a +1 to the Evolution chargers, actually. However, considering I got mine “free” in a BoC, and I’ve never had another portable charger to compare it to, I’d probably go ahead and trust the rest of the reviews here.

What he said. These are horrible

I prefer a multi-functional charger. I’ve got a Qi wireless charger can be also a power bank and I think its great to take it out.