Portable dvd player help!

Hey, ive been looking for a large portable dvd player that has a least a 15inch screen. But i have not been able to find anything close to that size, the bigest ive seen is 12 inchs. Can any one help me?

Well, a laptop would fit that bill.
If you are you looking one that you can carry around and plug in, but doesn’t have to have a battery, you can most likely find an old laptop who’s battery is dead for not to much.

funny you said it because what i watch my movies on now is a laptop but it seems to be giving me problems with the dvd player, (it laggs a big and skips some times). I thought it might be cheaper and longer lasting to get a portable dvd player but ill look into getting an old laptop cheap, thanks.

I think Fen gave some good advice on that.

<whispers> What a surprise, I didn’t think that could happen.

j/k Fen. :happy:

no you weren’t… lol

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