Portable Grill and Cart Combo

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Portable Grill and Cart Combo
Price: $99.99
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I got this in blue the last time for 120 bucks. All I can say is BUY IT NOW! This grill rocks in every way. You can either use the little camping size gas containers or get an adapter hose at any hardware store and connect to a normal size LP tank that big grills use. This thing grills anything!

Ok, so I’m normally a charcoal guy.
I’m looking for something a little more convenient at the campsite. Will this do it?
How does this infra red stuff work?

I have no Idea what the infared “claim” is… but I am curious myself

I bought this grill a few months ago when it was offered on woot. I am an avid tailgater, and wanted to give this a shot to replace my small tabletop propane grill. Since baseball season hasn’t quite started yet, I can’t review it based on tailgate experience.

“Infrared cooking” works by heating a piece of metal between the flame and the grilling surface. It actually works, and is not a gimmick. The downside is that it requires a warm-up time and tends to use more propane than a non infrared grill. You can read about it here.

Pros: Since it’s been a long winter, and my full-size grill is in the shed, I’ve occasionally used this grill to cook chicken and a steak or two. The cooking surface is extremely even. It is very easy to set a temperature and keep it there.

The coolers are a decent size, I could probably fit a 12-18 pack of beer cans on one side, and the food and condiments on the other with room to spare.

It seems to be of quality build. It is very sturdy and does not wobble like your typical portable grill. The cooking surface is very thick and doesn’t look like it will be rusting out anytime soon.

Cons: Weight. This thing weighs close to 60lbs dry. It is a two person lift to get it in and out of the car when it’s fully loaded.

There is no carrying handle, unless mine is a dud, the “suitcase” handle does not lock in place. This makes lifting it in and out of vehicles very awkward.

The two surface platforms on the side do not fold down or lock in. They must be removed or left out when it is stored. There is no place to secure them when not in use.

It uses a lot of propane. I’ve gone through 3lbs of propane (3 camping tanks) since I bought the thing, and I’ve only used it 5 times.

It’s great for cooking, but lacks in other areas like weight and portability. It’s a fuel hog. For this price it’s worth it, as it seems to be of a quality build and looks durable.

3.6 Stars over at Target

I love this grill. We go to car shows and we take this with us. Everyone loves it. The cooking is quick due to infrared. But we did increase the tank to a normal size, which I recommend doing cause you don’t want to run out of propane! Since you are getting this grill at a steal, you might as well grab the adapter at the same time. Here is the adapter on amazon w/prime $17.53- it’s worth it.

Did anyone else get their order cancelled? Dammit Woot, this was supposed to be a gift for my father.