Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill

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Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill [New] - $0.99

1 * Johnson & Lou Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill with Charcoal Brick

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Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Johnson & Lou Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill with Charcoal Brick

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missed the crap

First!!! :smiley:

I think I may have gotten my first BOC evar!!!


Not bad. Would be useful for my backpacking trips.

umm if I bought a bag of crap how do I know my order went through? Should it say under “My Account” that I bought one or will it take some time for that to update?

What’s this?

Bull crap!!!1 because i wasn’t signed in you dumped me back to the grill when iwas in bag of crap. This site is a bag of crap!!!1 never again WOOT

ok, this is a piece o crap…

so close to BOC

Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill

  • $5 shipping
    Condition:NewProduct:1 Johnson & Lou Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill with Charcoal Brick

dang woot gods, I had progressed all the way to the order status page and the server threw me off…erg!!!

ouch, I was in on the bag and the shipping thing got me, then I got in again and it crashed. Guess I didn’t get one.


oooof! I saw the BOC quickly, immediately hit “Buy It”, then realized I wasn’t logged in. Just as well. I didn’t need any more photo paper, anyway.

THIS is THE crappiest thing I’ve ever seen !

dang bag o carp, I got to the payment page (choose payment) so I thought I bagged my carp for the day, then it refreshes to the sold out page. I’m bummed.

im still curious if i got a carp… never finalized but i got the push the big gold button!

Drat! Once again, no carp for me. I kept clicking on the i want one button but nothing ever happened; i never even got to the payment page. Is this the typically too bad, so sad sack of carp experience?