Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill

I’m extremely upset. That shipping gag from April Fool’s Day threw me out of the running. Got to the processing screen and it was all dead from there. Thanks for nothing, woot! T_T

Taking woot a bit to recover from the Bandolier of Carrots, eh.

I have no use for this, have a full size gas grill.

I can’t believe it. I finally went to water my wife’s plants because we’re going camping this evening and, when I came back, the bag of crap was up and the servers were locked.


I’m going to go drink 4 or 5 beers and cry now.

No crap for me…so I’m taking out my anger by buying the camping grill. pout

I just got a message saying “This sale is sold out. Your account has already purchased this sale.” But I don’t see a BOC in the My Account page of orders.

Did I get a BOC? O_o

I knew when I had to do a work thing and come back it would be b.o.c. *Missed it by THAT Much!

But that’s okay… I’m still holding out for a Sansa mp3 player (you think I’m joking, but I’m serious).

What the heck was up with $1,000,000 shipping on the BOC on the order confirm screen?!

Does that mean I was too late or something?

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New Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill, for $0.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Johnson & Lou Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill with Charcoal Brick

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=[… the sever just got so slow… =[

ok if I have one page that is apparently processing my order, does that mean I have finally happened upon the holy grail?

-or are they just toying with me???

What are the chances I got a Bag of Crap if the order page is still processing?

Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill

  • $5 shipping
    Condition:NewProduct:1 Johnson & Lou Portable Hibachi BBQ Grill with Charcoal Brick

i waited so long and i missed the bag of crap
ohh i think im goona cry …


I have been watching since the beginning. I go to make a sandwich, and then it has come and gone.

My hopes…lost…forever.

missed the bag yet again. got to putting in my billing info but when it finally loaded “sorry this product is sold out”

Damn I wish woot could find a better way to do that

Missed what?

You peoples are horrible, my son called me on my cell while I was riding on my bicycle home from work to tell me there was a bag of poop on. I almost got creamed by a tractor-trailer for mothing. thanx fellow wooters.

Got through for the bag, and mysteriously jumped back to main screen, no love. Got through a second time, sold out. big sighs

oh goddddddddddd why does it still say it’s processing my carp? pleasssssssssssssssssssse