Portable LED Worklight - Dual Head

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Portable LED Worklight - Dual Head
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Hey Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of this light. There are a ton of features with this. You can remove the two heads for an independent small fixture, raise and lower the main pole, adjust each head up,down, left, right and much more! No more burns or fire hazard and a great light output!

Hey Rob! Can you fill in the specs that are missing from the Woot ad? In particular, volts and watts at the wall, and volts and watts at the lights themselves? (Looks like a power brick is mounted between them, so I’d like to know the actual power requirements of the individual lights to know if I can hack a battery to work with them.) Thanks!

Would this be safe to use outside if weather humid? I can plug it into a gfi outlet but didn’t want to have problems with the light itself,

I bought this in March 2017 and have been very happy it. It is so much better than my old halogen worklight.

[]How weatherproof (i.e. rain) is this?
]How long is the cord?
[]How much, if any, heat does this produce?
]4000 Lumens = 2000 per light?

I have been waiting for something like this. Almost bought a halogen but held off for the LED. It seems I’ve seen this for less but I am not positive. Looks like a good price for the 4000 lumen set.

Thanks @EnergeticRob in advance for the answers!

Good morning! This is a 120v light fixture. Each fixture itself has an independent on/off switch. Each light is 30w for a fixture total of 60w. Not sure about the battery, but I think if you match up the specs it will work

This fixture is damp rated and works great in humidity. Just get it out of the rain if it starts raining.

You mean each light is 2000 lumens? The wattage is probably 20W for each.

Is the stand made of aluminum? What’s the weight of the stand and the lights?

Hi! I believe the cord is 6’ and this is a damp rated fixture. It does not heat up like a halogen fixture, but it can get a little warm. I bought one for myself and when I had it plugged in, I was able to touch the light without burning my hand. This is the lowest price we’ve had this fixture for. Each light is 2000 lumens for a total of 4000 lumens

This couldn’t possibly require 4,000 watts (4 kilowatts!) That’s the equivalent of roughly 3 hair dryers all turned on at once.

Does anyone have the real wattage use of these lights?

@EnergeticRob, thanks for the reply. I now remember now these being $99.99 before. In for one!

According to the company’s literature for the light here: http://energeticlighting.com/images/flyer/mpl1014.pdf each light uses 30w, for a total of 60w if both lights are in operation.

Hope this helps!

It does, thanks kindly!

Sorry, that was a typo. The wattage is 60. The Lumens is 4000

I’m not sure what the independent weight of each part of the fixture is, but the total weight is 14lbs

Seems that similar ones are selling for $89.99 on the mothership. What makes this one so special?


70" vs. 47"
5yr vs. 2yr.(5yr limited) warranty <-- all 3 are weak
Red vs. Green
Forever shipping vs. Prime
14Lbs vs. 12.6lbs
60W vs. 40W
6ft cord vs. 9ft

China vs Chineese