Portable LED Worklight - Dual Head

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Portable LED Worklight - Dual Head
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Bought this during the october sale it was up for, be warned though while it’s otherwise a pretty solid build (and the light output is definitely decent), the plastic base at the bottom leaves much to be wanted.

It’s not very good quality plastic it seems, and mine actually came cracked badly out of the box, but it wasn’t anything a good bit of gorilla glue and a day curing didn’t otherwise stabilize lol.

THis is a good unit for the price

I bought this unit last woot and am quite happy with it - the extensions work well and the lights can be positioned almost any which way. My only complaint would be that the built in power cord is extremely short - it is only about 5’ long, which means that it only just reaches floor level when dangling when the unit is fully extended.

For those that own this light, is it 250 watts of light for EACH head or 250 watts total? Seems like 250 watts total for both heads wouldn’t actually be all that bright given typical uses for this. The last work light that I had a number of years ago was a single light with a 500 watt halogen bulb - now that was bright enough, but the metal housing got very, very hot and so I had to be very careful with it and where I put it down - as a result, I didn’t want to use it all that much. This might be a good alternative if the total is 500 watts.

It uses 30W per light (60 total), but because they are more efficient than halogens, it puts out the equivalent of a single 250W. This won’t get nearly as hot.

Good Morning Everyone!
My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of this light. If you have any questions, please ask. Have a great day!

description says “Super Bright 4000-Lumens, equivalent to a 250 Watt Light”

A standard 100 watt incandescent bulb is 1500 lumens.

When lumens are calculated, heat is a factor. Because LED have 90-95% less heat, the comparable lumen output would be 60-85% (depending on life and exact type of light). Basically, if you have a 100w Incandescent or Halogen bulb, you can find the equivalent LED in 15w-30w

There are many different features with this light fixture. You can adjust each light head individually, turn them on/off separately, remove the top section for portable use, and adjust the height. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

Good timing, as I need one of these for an impending project.

Where is this being sold for $190? “List” price on relightdepot.com is $87.50, and sells for $75.

I think this was the last Woot! I purchased. I am very satisfied with this light. I wanted one and almost bought a halogen many times but held off for an LED version.

The stand is sturdy enough and has a wide leg-spread for stability. The friction clips to raise/lower seem a little flimsy but hold great. I’m hoping they last as long as the LED’s!

The lights are BRIGHT! You can turn either on at a time as each has its own switch. If one was to bugger out, you could still use the other.

The top rack removes by pinching a clip similar to a radiator clip. This top also has rubber feet for stability and should scratch paint if you use it on the hood of your car.

Overall, I am satisfied with this light and I think you would be too.

As for the brightness - I installed a dashcam in my car at night using this. I had plenty of illumination even under the dash just by adjusting the height of the stand and angle of the heads.

My only warning is with the legs. They will pinch you quickly and without remorse. The scissor action of the leg brace is an easy spot to have your fingers or hand in the wrong place when extending. I’ve gotten myself twice. I don’t know how to protect against it so just be careful.