Portable Shower Rechargable Battery, USB Plug

Great device for off grid camping!

Bought two for less than $20 each from a site that is what Woot used to be - a real deal a day site.

After using it for a year’s worth of camping, we’d easily pay $29 for it. I believe the normal price on mother Amazon is $40.

Battery lasts at least 3 showers each for 2-3 people. Have never run out of battery. We use it in an inexpensive shower tent.

We have one of those big stew pots that looks like a small butter churn. Heat about 1-2 gallons of water in only a few minutes on the fire. Mix as much of that as needed to a 5 gallon pail of ambient temp water to reach desired net water temp. Drop the orange pump in the bucket and shower!

Only one small pet pieve - the on/off switch is on the pump so you have to lift it out of the water between wet/soap/rinse cycles.

(Caution: our version is branded Ivation, a recognized brand in small portable washers. This Woot item appears visually to be identical so either it is simply a rebrand or an amazingly true copy.)