Portable Sonar Fish Finder

Neat! Does anyone have any experience with this? e.g. Using it by canal’s/bridge’s?

Froogle: 1 Koolatron FF01C Portable Sonar Fish Finder - Google Shopping

So will this have an icon for the Loch Ness monster? Because I want to go mythical being searching.

How many beers did it take for them to come up with that company name?

What temperature is this good down to? I am curious as to if it can be used for ice fishing, as a lot of sonars can’t…

Gosh, it’s only twenty bucks. It must either be an awesome deal or a piece of crizap. If I had a boat I’d try it.

Can’t find any reviews, but found a cheesy promotional video: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/Video/ViewVideo.aspx?vtp=1897&a=540541

The video that Crab (haha) posted says that it can read through ice for frozen water fishing.

And every other site that had this has a warning that this can’t be shipped to Canada. What gives? Maybe the Canucks like to give their fish a sporting chance?

This thing looks like one of those cheap handheld games.

Or kind of like the handheld GPS from Up but a version concepted by Pixar for Finding Nemo. If Nemo had one of these bad boys, he’d totally have been like “With my Koolatron Portable Sonar Fish Finder, I’ll never be lost!” and then drop it down a chasm. Silly fish.

This may be a totally inane set of questions, but does anyone know of this will 1) work in salt water conditions 2) be damaged by salt water?

I’m sure it will work as well in salt water as in fresh water and won’t be damaged.

I wish I could find some reliable info on how well it works generally and some screen shots of the display. I’m thinking of getting one as an emergency depthfinder for boating (in salt water).

200 kHz and 20 degree cone angle will be good for fresh water not salt water. It will work in salt just not all that well. This will be great for having at the local lake or pond. I’ll be in for one even though my wife will beat me!

*  Tough, compact and waterproof, no bigger than a fishing reel
* Depth reading from 2 1/2' to 80'
* Can read through fiberglass hulls and ice
* Bottom contour displays presence of weeds, grass and even fish
* 20' cable
* Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
* Sonar angle: 20°
* Operating temps. 14° to 122°F
* Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
* Waterproof housing.
* Display unit is 3 1/5 x 1 1/3 x 5"h. 1 lb., 13 ozs. overall.

Thinking about it… Thinking about it… Thinking about it… Does this have a “I didn’t catch any fish, so I want my money back” guarantee? :smiley:

Edit: It’s 30.00 plus shipping on Amazon.

Its a Mr. Game and Watch fish finder game YAY!

this would be good to toss frome the boat to see the depth and fish of where you want to cast insted of under your boat dont know how well it works though

When mine comes, I’m taking it to my local watering hole and see if I can get me some fish!

So did anyone buy it? Im thinking about it…Since I fish of a Kayak…