Portable TV Wristwatch with 1.5” LCD


[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Portable_TV_Wristwatch_w-2f1.5-e2-80-9d_LCD-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft] Wednesday, November 16, 2005


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First, some stuff we found that you might find helpful:
[] Manufacturer’s page
] Engadget review (note the video link at the end of the review) “You know, at first we thought this was going to be a lame novelty watch, but it actually works really well and the picture is super-sharp when you can get reception.”
[] I4U review “For me this is the coolest Gadget of 2004 so far.”
] Globe and Mail review “The Verdict: TV portability to the very max.” (Seriously, did they really write that?)
[] The Gadgeteer review “I have to admit, the Geek in me just loves this product.”
] Sony press release about the tuner in this watch
Ok, now find us some bad reviews to put up here. (Or really, any other reviews you find.) These are sounding a bit cheesy.
[]p4, cca2k1 found an article explaining that you’ll only get 4 years of use out of this thing unless Congress changes their mind again.
]p4, ilovereality has more stuff about the big digital TV armageddon, although it doesn’t really have much to do with this product
[]p4, lordelix pastes the text of the Globe & Mail review we linked to above
]p4, Dezod insists he won’t buy anything associated with Sony because of their asinine rootkit antics
[*]p8, dfongheiser says doing a reset will fix what, at first, appears to be a power issue.



If I fell out of a tree, and landed on this… my day would be made.

Portable TV Wristwatch with 1.5” LCD
$79.99 + $5 shipping


if only it were HD


This is the coolest thing I think they have offered - Does anyone know how long the battery would last?

Got it -roughly 3 hours


Very nice! I need one of these…

Would it work in other countries?


lol nice i would want one but no thx


Definite Woot!




nice, not bad, gotta check for money in the bank first!


And I complain about the screen on my PDA!


1st page?



Cool, but I have no use for it :frowning:


Nifty item, not for me…Uber Nerdy!
First post ever for me


Wearable Woot!


wow lol first time seeing something like this
wonder how long it lasts… haha
no thx btw


Hmm…$80? I don’t think so…


Does it come with a 10-disc MAtrix collection?


Wow. Just Wow. James Bond watching porn, you betcha!


this stinks, too expensive anyway.