Portable Wine Cellar

:frowning: I love woot, but c’mon!

Nice post. Just think of all the extra people that have started checking the site since they got this gig with Yahoo. I’m sure their servers took a beating today. As the site gets more popular I’m sure they will add hardware to accommodate.

WOW! That sucked. Some woot off!

Now that things have settled down, I have a question for you more experienced wooters. I recently bought that Mustek Bluetooth headset on sellout.woot.com, and after charging it won’t turn on. Best I can tell the battery isn’t taking the charge. Assuming someone out there has had experience with this company or wound up with some sort of defective product from woot before: is there any hope of the manufacturer replacing it or should I keep my eyes open for another deal and try to get my money back from woot? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hopefully they’ll take a nice chunk of Yahoo’s wonderful, wonderful money and get some new hardware. It’d be nice. But I’m sure their databases take massive hits from all the requests. SELLING 128MB RAM modules, you better jump on this Woot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your best bet is to shoot Woot an email.
Write Us - Sellout.Woot is a good place to start. :slight_smile:

I haven’t received an e-mail yet but woot shows that my order went through.

Thanks for the quick reply. Am I right in assuming that Woot refunds money and doesn’t replace product? I would think after the woot off they’re pretty much cleaned out. Sorry to be a pain, but very broke and don’t want to wind up with 2 BTs when I haven’t really convinced myself I even need one!

Now that the dust has settled, I’m inclined to think this is some sort of joke…I mean, it’s bags for wine - WHINE? Get it? That’s all we do is WHINE about bags. Bags of C/R/A/P, sure, but these are Crappy Bags, one’s that separate wine with a B.it O.f C.anvas. I think woot is telling us all to STFU about the Bags - ya want yer bags?? Here…have 10.

It depends on what they have. I’ve returned one thing and gotten a replacement, I’ve also gotten a refund. It really is just handled on a case by case basis, and that is what makes Woot! great!

woot off over?

Then I won’t jump the gun on another purchase. Thanks again for your help!

You’re very welcome! They’re very good about helping and making sure the situation is right and that both parties were treated fairly and are comfortable :slight_smile:

Maybe I should be a CSR :slight_smile:

congratulations! you’re right!

Thanks everyone for replying. :slight_smile: I need to stick around to chat with the level headed woot-fanatics. It can get pretty bad with incoherant posts and such at times. :smiley:

It can, that’s why I try to answer questions as quickly as possible. So they don’t get lost in the post beyond post of uselessness.


its done?

Yes, would work in apartments or small spaces?

yea wtf