Portable Wine Cellar

I dunno, looks nice and portable. If bird flu ever arrives, just grab it and go…

Hopefully, I tried for a few things early and got the error page, but I’m not going to ■■■■■ I’ll spend that money somewhere else.

Indians Win!!! Missed woot off but watched a classic. Go Tribe.

Exactly, you’re not going to find the deals anywhere else but here. For those of you that remember the hard drives, those were the balls. Saving like $40 on a drive when you might have to put up with a server errors. Back then you could actually get a BOC or anything else you wanted though.

I’m sure Woot! will adjust and correct for the new server loads. wink wink Take notes Woot! :slight_smile:

My sentiments exactly.

Oh…there was a woot off? Guess I missed it. Hope you guys enjoyed it…looks like I didn’t miss much.

Although this is the firt woot off I have missed since I joined! Kind of sad. :frowning:

Once there was this wootoff and all I got was 3 RCA Tivo Remotes and then I


I’m new here, only a couple woot’s under my belt. But I’m not new to business and customer service. I understand what your saying, and I don’t really disagree with the message your conveying…much. Woot is a business like any other business, they need feedback, these forums are how they get it. The alternative is people quit complaining and just go away, not really in Woot’s best interest, they sell things, they need people that want to give them money. The people here LOVE to give them money, I enjoy wooting, they make it fun here. A lot of companies have problems building a customer base, I don’t think Woot is in all that bad of a situation, the situation being having a customer base that wants MORE stuff to pay them for. The feedback here is critical to their survival, and they don’t have to finance expensive market studies to see what customers want, again in Woots favor. Is it geting a bit whiny, yep it is. But oh well, they have thick enough skin to handle it, and the price is right too for this much needed discussion aka market study.

I don’t know anything about running servers, but I watched almost all of the conversations over the last woot-off, it had to be frustrating clicking the buy button, and getting a page refresh or whatever over and over and over. A retail business’ job is to sell stuff and provide a reliable safe way to exchange woots for the cash they are after, this is how they exist. In this aspect they are failing to do the most basic part of what they do… collect $$$'s.

I understand you are affiliated with a tracker utility and want the sellout RSS feed working again. If I had to guess I would say they shut the feed down so they could provide more support to F5 requests hammering them, than trackers hammering the RSS feed. Trackers are a good idea, but they don’t refresh as fast as F5, and as long as that is true, and woots are lost in minutes and often seconds, trackers will not become mainstream. I had 2 trackers running, and I beat the tracker to the info most times today, so trackers are not a solution to woot offs.

I know what I said sounds critical, but I’m not really trying to be, I’m just telling my viewpoint as you did. And you stood up for Woot when they were in the hot seat, not always easy to do.

I am sure Woot will make changes in response to some things said in the discussions today, some they will let roll off their back, not gonna make everyone happy no matter what. I don’t imagine they feel beat up, they are taking what they need to improve out of this, which is all anyone can expect.

what am i going to do with 30 crappy bags? fudge

As said by someone else, it was short but sweet. There weren’t really any long waits for items. There were a few good deals but they were sparse.

Already looking forward to the next one.

I never go anywhere without my 60 bottles of wine - this will just make my life a little easier.

sigh ya I helped purchase things along that I dont want hoping that ONE of the items would be decent… but it was a very disappointing woot.

yes, traveling with my 180 (or 90 if the picture is more accurate than the description) bottles of wine will never have been easier.

I appreciate your taking the time to reply constructively to my post. Let me take a quick break from work to reply :slight_smile:

The whole tracker thing is to help reduce the load from the servers – and while it may be slightly shorter than constantly refreshing, I like to know that I’m helping. Having ~500 or so people get the data off our servers instead of Woots has be to quite a bit of weight lifted. I’m sure the hardware of Woot!'s servers is probably okay, they may need another cluster or two thrown in there, but I’m sure their database is just getting hammered, which is very resource intensive and hard to diagnose and combat properly. They’ve probably been working on it for months, but it’s hard to predict customer growth, especially with this whole Sellout deal.

I’m sure they’re frustrated with how the servers run during a Woot!Off just as much as we are. The complaining is pretty much just over-stating what has already been said, and what they’re aware of already.

As far as item selection, I’m sure they have stuff that they need to clear out of their warehouse, and that’s what wootoffs are. “EVERYTHING MUST GO” Haha.

I’ve lost my train of thought and my fingers are starting to hurt from typing a lot. I also don’t mean to criticize, but if you’d like to talk about this more via PM or email just shoot me a PM :slight_smile: Thanks.

2nd worst woot off ever…i hunger for random bags of crud

…that was amazing woot, truly amazing. I wish every woot off ended with a wine purse…

I second this.
Lots of wining about bags of crap.

The question is… what is really coming in the mail to those who ordered whine bags?

the email confirmation takes a few hours or more. Have some paramedics standing by in case you are holding your breath.

Is it time to go out and come back when they fix their problem?

Could you please be more specific? I’m not entirely sure what you mean.