Portable Wireless Mini Keyboard

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Portable Wireless Mini Keyboard
$23.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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$37.95 on Amazon


No trackpad feature?

Looks like a nice solid keyboard, but considering its lack of a dock and apparent need for drivers, it doesn’t seem tablet friendly.

Where’d the rest of that CD go?

The dimensions say 8" x 3" x 2". Could that be 0.8" instead of 8"?

Why would you need a dock for a portable keyboard? and the disk clearly says the driver is for symbian(nokia) and windows mobile

looks like a good accessory for XBLA

no trackpad or nub == no purchase. my motorola one is sweet

Thanks so much for that observation. I pulled the trigger way too fast. A trackpad is a MUST in my application.

Cancel email sent to woot, hope they get the cancel before they ship.

I picked one up, nice price for the level of laziness it will provide while I lay in bed using my PC.

I can’t imagine how a 3" keyboard is going to be any better to type on than an on-screen keyboard…

If only this had a trackpad and was wireless instead of bluetooth. Oh well. Next!!

This looks like it would be useful for people with really tiny hands, and a very small desk.

Must I remind people of their solemn Wootzien duty to post lol cats and funny gifs during times when the items take more then a few minutes to sell?


Here goes:

anyone tried this with a Galaxy SIII?

You don’t NEED a dock, but it makes things easier to use. It allows for lap use, whereas using your tablet with a normal stand and the keyboard separately on your lap is a pain.

You’re right about the drivers though; I misunderstood that (I was looking at a small picture on my phone). That said, do more recent versions of Symbian and Windows Mobile require drivers?

Here’s an idea of the size:

I’ve never seen a non-Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Do they use wifi?