Portacool 130 Evaporative Cooler

Portacool 130 Evaporative Cooler

If I remember correctly I was able to purchase an extended warranty from square trade deal or something to that nature on previous items I have purchased. Is that available in this item and how do I add that to the purchase?

Hi there. We added the SquareTrade warranty to the residential (gray) units.

Thank you

I’m not seeing that option before or at check out…
Please advise how I can add that

Look for this at the top of the features. It’ll take you to the SquareTrade site to complete the transaction. If you don’t see it, move to a device that supports Flash.


One last inquiry…
Is there a manufacture warranty with it being refurbished?
In the pics, one addresses the lifetime warranty… is that honored by the company?

You’ll see the warranty at the bottom of the features. This has:

Warranty: 90 Day Portacool Limited Warranty

I’ll ask the buyer to remove the image about the warranty.

so to clarify the company will not honor any warranty or repairs?

well… I guess they kind of do
its a roll of the dice I guess