Portacool Cyclone Indoor/Outdoor Coolers

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Portacool Cyclone Indoor/Outdoor Coolers
Price: $199.99 - 399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jun 06 to Wednesday, Jun 07) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought the 2200 model back in April for $50 more. After hooking it up, the blower fan was rubbing on something. When I called Portacool, they didn’t sound like they would ship me any parts, but they did send me a rather complicated procedure manual for taking out the blower, loosening the blower wheel and adjusting it. When I took it apart, one of the three motor housing brackets was bent, which was causing the blower wheel to be misaligned. That required more disassembly so the bracket could be straightened. Then the wheel could be adjusted. After putting it all back together it runs without any noise.

Between the lack of support from PortaCool (help yes, parts no) and the fact they shipped out a model with an obviously bent bracket and misaligned blower wheel, I’d think twice before ordering this again.

As far as the operation of the unit now, it blows cool air as expected. I think it will really be helpful in the summer heat.

That would be a hassle for not mechanically inclined clients.

Thanks for taking the time with the details… Im now on the fence… good customer support is a very important part of the buying process for me…

I purchased one for my barn/garage
I have had no issues
it is nice you have option to add a hose for continues cooling
or use the large water reservoir
for the price it is a great deal
new these are crazy expensive

I live in New Mexico and have the mid-sized unit and it work great. In fact, I just brought it into the house from the garage for the summer.

I would caution those that don’t live in a dry environment not to expect too much from an evaporatave cooler. Growing up in San Antonio, TX we had one and it only worked on some days and just made the air feel sticky on humid days. Additionally, in humid areas if you use these in your house, you will get mildew and your clothes will stink.

I live is AZ and bought one last time around. The 3000 unit. It works great and holds a ton of water in the reservoir. It’s. I’ve not to have to have a hose connected all the time. The kids use it a ton while jumping on the trampoline. Then we just spin it back around to hang out under the ramada.

I’d highly recommend.

Is there a nose issue? Is it loud? I would love to use this to help cool an area for an outside wedding, but I’m concerned about the noise level.

The DB level on high speed should fall about 75.3 DB and on low it should be 69 DB

In those environments where something like this might not work…a dehumidifier might work better, if only to make the air drier and not as sticky. A dehumidifier might improve your comfort level, especially at night where the temps might drop, but if it is still too humid you would still feel uncomfortable.

Very true. They DO NOT work in humid environments. i.e. These are not sold in Texas because they do not work in Texas.

Received the 2200 model in good condition. It’s pretty much plug-n-play. You have to add water and let the pump run to saturate the pad before turning on the fan. There is a strong plastic smell that we hope will disperse over time, so outdoor use only at the moment. The air temp was 103F and we were measuring 73F degree air coming out the vent. You really need to be in front of the vest to feel the cool air. Ultimately this will be in a garage for cooling while work is being done. I think it will do the job. If these come back up on Woot I’d consider the smaller one for the patio.