this topic may recieves scoffs and howls, but i am asking anyways.

i see in blogs and references around the web periodically to something that must be called “portal”. can anyone tell me what the reference is? i know there was a book called “portal” in the mid/late 80s, but that seems unlikely (although i haven’t read it). it reminds me of several years ago when i would see references for something call aeon flux, but in that case a movie came out with the same name, so i am assuming that was a game or comic book or something.

anyways, does anyone know what portal is? and why it’s a popular web reference?

wow, you’re so helpful!

feelin’ OK?

it’s also a secret mode of transportation for some of that are more “advanced” than others…

And Aeon Flux was an animated series on MTV before it was a movie. Wikipedia is an amazing thing.


That portal might send you on Forever*!
Is that Michael Phelps on the right?

*Star Trek episode: The City on the Edge of Forever
written by Harlan Ellison

But so can the Interwebs! Beware!

You forgot the Portal to Hell, from the first Amityville Horror movie.
Not sure it was in the book.
Maybe the shark from Jaws lives there. In the book the town was Amity, NY.

and don’t forget the great “portal-potty”…ok you really needed to be there but visa’s were hard to get on that planet.

yo d’name :slight_smile:

You needed a visa to pee?
Glad I didn’t go.
Or should I say…have to go.

yeppers…damn pay toilets :wink:

And then there is the Crash Bandicoot Portal Chamber