PortaMate 33-Inch Fold-up Heavy Duty Single Saw Horse

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PortaMate 33-Inch Fold-up Heavy Duty Single Saw Horse
Price: $35.99
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Condition: New


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Good reviews at Home Depot

Time to check out the product page

And it makes such pretty sparks when I hit it with the saw…

Hate to plug home depot, but they have a similar product that seems as good if not better than this for $6 less.
I picked up two of them (the home depot ones) and they’re very sturdy and easy to deploy. They also have adjustable legs which is a nice upgrade. They’re rated at the standard 1000lb per sawhorse.


IF you use one of these how they r intended to be used, you are capable of building one for $8 with wood you probably already have at your house. I made 2 and only had to buy hinges, everything else came from a left over shed.

I have the HD Adjustable Height Version and love it.

HD Version has another feature that Woot model does not have - Carry Handles.

I’m sure you would make sparks if I hit you with a saw as well :wink:

These are for us strange city folk with a lack of storage so folding into a neat little package is great (and no worry about rot!)

Also, my dad has the yellow HD ones too and they are pretty nice. I get by fine with my plastic HF ones ($20 for 2 with coupon).

I also have the yellow home despot version; two sets actually, one purchased fairly recently, and one from… nearly 15 years ago. They’ve held up exceedingly well and have taken insane amounts of abuse.

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t real horses.

It makes less sparks when you add a 2x4 to the top of it, like in the pictures. That being said, I’ve hit them with the saw too.

I bought a couple of these the last time they were here. They are fantastic. They’re easy to set up and break down, they’re pretty stable, and I toss them up on a shelf when I don’t need them. I’m tempted to buy a couple more.

If you add 2X4s to either model I suggest you fasten them with the narrow part of the 2X4 (1.5" side) to the metal so that you can then use these -Bench Dog Tools 10-041 Sawhorse Support

I found these clips also useful when using 2X4s for concrete forms, especially where the forms will be used more than once.

I picked up 4 of these last time they came around. Pretty nice, but not without issues.


  • Strong. Does what it says on the tin… er, steel.
  • Compact. Sure I could make a wooden equivalent, but this folds up smaller.
  • No rust even tho I abuse them and leave them out all the time.
  • Sized nicely, just big enough to handle a full sheet of plywood, but not so big it’s cumbersome for smaller jobs.


  • Locking mechanism tends to pinch fingers or grab glove material, so it’s a two-handed affair. A side-push peg or latch would have been better than a push-in-flush button.
  • Metal top twists easily unless you add a 2x4 or 1x4.
  • They don’t stack evenly when closed. Only an issue if you have several.

I added a 1x4 to the tops which reduces twisting, but more to provide some texture so material doesn’t slide around. The downside is that too much friction accentuates the narrow-ish span of the legs/footing, so they tip over more easily when moving materials around. Not really a negative, but you just have to keep an eye on where/in what angle they’re positioned.

I ordered four for my shop. They are very sturdy…and heavy. That’s fine with me, I want something solid holding up what I’m working one.

However, one of the four was delivered as previously used, scraped and scratched, with indications of screws being attached from underneath to hold a 2 x 4. Shouldn’t be like that, but no big deal.

It’s still serviceable, and won’t affect how it’s used.