PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack

A “bit” too many options in there if you asked me. But I’d be willing to drill into it more if you wanted.

So many bad pun opportunities.


Honestly not sure why there aren’t more ball jokes over on Sport today if you want to head over there after you get out all the drill puns.

Neat! Just need a banned badge and I’ll be all set. Come to think of it, no one will see it anyway.

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Comments from a previous sale

The good thing about owning one of these HUGE drill packs is that you can relax and rest assured that you will never run into the need to go out and buy a drill that you don’t already have in this 300 pack assortment.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that you are not likely to ever use ALL these pieces, even if you live a very long life. Nevertheless, no one could ever accuse you of not being completely ready.

I’m not seeing a complete list of exactly what drill bits are what. Already made the mistake of buying a set assuming that the sizes I couldn’t see weren’t duplicates… they were. Anyone know where I can find a list?

Here is a list:

What’s included

I was given this set years ago. I still use it all the time; I’m only missing a 1/16th bit that broke after repeated use. I don’t know if I’ll ever have to buy a bit again. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one of these for family or friends.

Would you hand me that 1/16" bit? What…you don’t have one, it broke?

88 screwdriver bits sorta kills it for me. I must have about a thousand of those from various Craftsman sets I’ve bought and they are just a cheap filler worth about 2 cents each at the most.