PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack

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PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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Comments from a previous offer

Although this looks like a good deal and I too thought it was, it’s a piece of crap and the metal used in all the bits is inferior and reminds me of use once and throw away.

I haven’t snagged a pack yet because I need to get home and check my drill bit stockpile. I’ve gone through lots and lots and lots of cheap drill bits, and these appear to be more of that. With that said, I always have room for cheap drill bits that will break when the slightest pressure is applied. But you know what? I won’t be sad because it was cheap. I don’t do any type of cabinet-grade wood construction or finish-grade parts assembly, so I don’t need superior bits - most of the time I just need an ~approximate~ hole, for which these bits will do just fine.

What are the case dimensions [LxWxH] and how much does it weigh?

25” L x 16.5” W x 10” H

Yet ANOTHER item that doesn’t say where it’s manufactured. I’m tired of asking Woot to put country of origin in their. I’m going to inquire with my congressman and FTC as to why retail establishments are required to have country of origin “clearly visible” to consumers, but online retailers can hide country of origin (and then not allow returns when you get the item and find out it is cheap Chinese stuff).

Honestly…are you new here? Expecting things that AREN’T cheap Chinese crap from woot at this point is a little silly…99% of the “non name brand” stuff Is Chinese. Bag of crap? All chinese. Or broken. Screaming woot monkey? From Taiwan. The whirring piece of garbage woot off sirens? Most definitely made in china. And loud. And broken.

According to Amazon, this set is of Swedish origin.


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