PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack

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PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack
Price: $61.99
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Was this item on Woot before? Seems like a good deal, but if I recall commenters advised against it. Any quality here?

this thing is a waste of money…

i have it. it’s great…i love it for small odd jobs. but if you are dealing with any real material, like metal. this will not drill into it. the bits are just dull and cheap. but great for wood and other items. never even tried (or wanted to try) the mason bits

I paid $33.00 for this unit 2-3 years ago!!!

Not a real good buy. Used 2 times broke 2 bits and I drill.

This is a little cheaper at the orange big box store for 59.95 LOL.

Might stay sharp enough for a single use. But on the plus side there are 300 bits. Which is nice.

The comments above are accurate. I bought this on woot some time ago… The only thing this set has going for it is sheer volume of drill bits, because you will ruin/break these drill bits consistently. That being said, this kit would be 300 dollars if the drill bits were of high quality… So as with anything, you get what you pay for. If you just want a lot of various sized drill bits around, descent buy, but realize you will go through a lot of bits.

I got these a few years ago. It’s nice to have a big variety of bits on hand, but I have to say that the quality is crap. The standard bits themselves aren’t very sharp. The spade bits wobble because they’re not straight. The hole saws (something I was eager to have) are almost completely unsharpened and unhardened. Kind of a good thing that they’re unhardened; makes it easier to sharpen them with a file so they’re usable for a couple cuts at least.

It’s not a total waste of money because they’re so cheap, but don’t expect anything amazing here.

I, too, bought this set last time around. The hole saw’s peaks completely flatten when drilling into even thin metal, as I was simply attempting to drill a hole for an extra vent. I also attempted to use a hammer drill bit, which made it about 1" into cured cement, then burnt to a crisp. Like others said, small jobs only - no heavy duty anything in this kit. I plan on replacing certain bits with higher quality ones as they go on sale, because the rolling feature of the case itself is nice to have.

EDIT: Not the rolling case I landed last time. So, I guess it’s not as useful regarding the case…

I can’t say I’m a heavy user but for basic around the house I’ve enjoyed having the kit. Have I used only a fraction of the bits…maybe.

Great for organization and knowing you can possibly handle any small project while also learning about said work. This might be just for beginners but still great if you know what to expect.

We have had this set before. Hopefully some fellow Wooters let you know what they thought!

Do you have a link?

I drilled into thick aluminum extrusions multiple times with these and didn’t run into any real issues. These probably aren’t going to be useful to you if you are a professional contractor or something, but for home projects where you end up needing some random sized bit, etc. The kit is fine. Mine came with 2-3 bits of each size, so if one breaks…there is another to use to complete your task.

I bought it a few months back. Half the bits are stuck behind the plastic drawers. The drill bits are also of the lowest quality I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I was able to drill anything with them as many were not strait and the others were instantly dull.

I think the driver bits are fine.

So I have very limited skills as far as DIY goes and this was great! provided me with a lot of tools that will get me by and everything worked great had stuff I didnt know I needed