PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack

**Item: **PortaMate Drill Bit Set, 300-Pack
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New

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Come check out the product page

For thirty bucks maybe. For sixty bucks pass.

No reviews, but Amazon at least has some more pictures from different angles to get an idea of what you’re getting. And yes, Amazon is selling it for $120.

I do wish there was a break down of all the different bits included, i.e what range is each bit set, and in what increment?

Item is mis-advertised as 300 piece drill bit set. There are not 300 drill bits in this set. Item should be advertised as 300 piece Tool Bit Set including nutdrivers, wood, steel and masonry bits. This bit set probably includes security bits, but the writeup don’t mention those bits… I Still have hope for the hard working bots @ woot! Keep up the great work.

Looks like this system at Home Depot which sells for $15 more (if you take into account the free shipping). It has a different name, though. I also can’t find any reviews. Too bad…it’s tempting.

Semantics shmemantics. :slight_smile: I pinged the buyers to let them know.

Looks like it but different name. One 2 star review.


it looks like this set has been rebranded many many times. with the only review that I could see being a two star contribution.

Sears Outlet Reviews (3)

Woot is usually hit-or-miss. I believe this is actually somewhere in between - probably fine for the user who needs a bit once in a while, but not for me. I’ll wait for something better, thanks.

OK, just looking at the specs, most everything is in Metric measurements.

Last time I checked, this was America, which uses Metric stuff, but OUR standard is in inches, or fractions thereof.

Woot!, how 'bout some 'merican stuff for us ‘mericans? (Just askin.’)


This looks like a low-end version of this set which I’ve seen in quite a few places.

The reviews on this one are pretty good though most of them say the case is lousy.


If you don’t use them for work, they’re probably OK, but be aware that the twist and masonry drills don’t have turned down shanks. That means if your drill has a 3/8" chuck, you won’t be able to use sizes over 3/8". Masonry bits should be used with a hammer drill.

Overall, my set is 6+ years old and still going strong.

I have a drill bit set from the same manufacturer but with a different brand name. I recognized a lot of the parts are identicle to the set I have. DO NOT buy this kit. The bits are garbage. I snapped almost every drill bit I have used. The TiN coated bits don’t hold a point and the flute tips break if you look at them funny. I cracked a hole saw trying to cut a hole in a pine 2x4. The whole set is more of a head ache than it’s worth.

Tempting but…

I read the scarce reviews posted above (4 customers total in 2 places) . Both 1 of the 3 reviews at Sears as well as the only one at Amazon give it 2 stars for the SAME reason: while the screwdriver bits are decent, the drill bits (primary selling point) can NOT drill through butter…
Yes, the 2 other reviews at Sears give it 4, 5 but do NOT discuss the product details at all.

Read for yourself - links posted above, reposted here and here

I swore I would never comment again since the last fiasco of Woot deleting my comments if they were negative but I will make an exception this time. I have this same one that I purchased from Costco for $80 http://www.costco.com/909®-Tools-300-piece-Ultimate-Super-Drill-Bit-Set.product.11662382.html?catalogId=10701&keyword=drill+bit+set&langId=-1&storeId=10301

I have to say that the quality is very good and I have yet to require a bit that this didn’t have in it. The only issue with mine was the hole saw bit adapter attachment chuck thing is held together with a hex bolt that tightens the unit together. Mine was stripped thus making that part not usable. Beyond that I think its an excellent deal at this price.