Portamate Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand

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Portamate Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand
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2/17/2014 - $174.99 - 13 comment(s)

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Customer reviews

Sorry I didn’t see this tool stand, at this price when I bought a cheaper one 2 months ago. This one was selling at the tool store for just about $100 more than Woot is asking. Now I have to buy this one and sell the one I have.

This stand is fantastic…I mean it drives a tool freak like me crazy! You get a mount for a large miter saw, a built in and removable vise, a light that’s also removable, a power center and if that’s not enough, you have wheels when you need them. They must have been reading my mind!

Home Depot sells a 6300, and there is a more expensive 7000 model. Is this the model 7000, or another model?

It is the 7000.

Looks nice, but I dont love the fact that it is 75lbs…

I have a dewalt 780 (57lbs), and Ive used both the 30lb X-stand and the 67lb rolling stand. So, the latter is similar in weight to this one.

Personally, I prefer the X stand… I can lift that, even with legs extended, I can carry it around if I need to get it out of the way of something else. Fold up the legs and it carries like a heavy suitcase for longer trips.

With the rolling stand… that thing is heavy. I have to fold the legs and roll it to move it more than a few inches. Maybe I am not Mr Universe, but 80 vs 120lbs crosses a threshold for me as far as what I can lift. especially in a large awkward package.

The light/vice/power outlet are neat… Not sure how often I would use them. Maybe only because I have a stand light, jaw horse, and outlet splitter. Obviously these are incremental things for me to deal with, but each is also far more functional and versatile.

Sometimes less is more IMO.

Wow, a lot going on here! At first glance, I was certainly tempted to order this - it’s a great price for a great table. I have some home repair projects lined up and a stand for my mitre saw would make the job much easier.

Although I love all the extras, as a 50+ gramdma the bulk and weight of this particular stand is just too much for me. I’ve opted instead for the truly portable and highly rated Portamate PM4000. Still rated up to 500lbs. but weighs in at only 28 lbs. for $79.99. (Both Amazon and HD.) Sold!

I am close to pulling the trigger on this. Thinking that I can forgo building a workbench just for a vise with this. Since I cut more wood than vise, and will be finishing the basement here, this feels like I can’t go wrong.

Well a work bench is alot more than a vice… of all the things I do on my work bench, the vice is utilized a tiny portion of the time. So I wouldnt count that out. of course, your work bench and its vice isnt coming with you.

All that aside, I wouldnt trade my jawhorse for this thing.

I purchased this the last time. Assembly was fine, although the assembly instructions/illustrations could be better. Mine came with a few minor missing hardware items and a broken bulb shield. I contacted the manufacturer direct and they sent out replacements without any hassle whatsoever. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to use it fully it appears to be a solid platform, a quality built product, and a very good value considering all of the accessories (shown) included in the price. For ease of storage, I keep mine stored without anything attached. That may not work for some because you will need to store accessories elsewhere. I’ve price similar solutions and feel this is an overall good value. I am not disappointed with this purchase so far.

You don’t need to trade your jawhorse for this stand. I have a jawhorse too and the vise on this stand can’t compare. However, the vise is sure nice to have and so is the light…also the lumber racks on the legs of this stand are a fantastic idea. Moreover, this is a great home for a large and feature packed compound, sliding miter saw.