PortaMate Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand

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PortaMate Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand
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I finally broke down last week and bought a Miter Saw. My garage is small, and doesn’t have a work bench. I had no idea these things existed, however it seems like it would be extremely useful in my situation, as using the saw on the garage floor was not fun at all.

I owned a Skil miter saw stand and was very happy with it until I saw this one. So I sold my Skil and bought this one. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It’s much like comparing Macbeth to a high school play.

You could take a look at all the “extras” that come with this stand for yourself but those that made me trade the stand I had for this one are the wheels, the power outlets and the light. I just used it this weekend to build some outdoor chairs and a lounge chair. I decided to work in the back yard since the weather was perfect. Wheeling this unit into the back with the saw on it was a piece of cake. If not for the wheels, I would have been confined to work in the garage or the hot basement.

When I’m finished using the saw, I simply take the saw off and store it on a shelf, then wheel the stand in the garage where I fold it and hang it on the wall out of the way. I love it!

This is the PortaMate PM-7500 Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand

The one in the video is the PM 7000 a step up from the 7500.(doesn’t make sense to me either…)

http://www.dynamitetoolco.com/HTC-PM7000-Portamate-Miter-Saw-Work-Center-p/htc-pm7000-i.htm Has a great price on it but cost $75 to ship it. Can buy it cheaper on amazon with my prime account with free shipping.

Woot is selling this about $100 off everyone else price, though this model is hard to find


Tempted but just paid off my credit card… will have to think about this…

How can you say that Amazon has it for less when it’s listed at $249 (w/ free S/H (PM-7500, right?) Not really through Prime but 3rd party. This deal’s $159.95 w/ $5 S/H, $90 less. Am I missing something?

I was talking about the pM7000, The tool place had it for $195, Amazon $249 I think. The tool place cost $75 to ship it, I get free shipping from Amazon Prime… Watching a video from Amazon Prime on my PS3 right now.

Yeah, I was looking at the Portamate PM-7500 on Amazon and it was priced at $249 with free shipping. So is this one for $159 the same model. I’m a bit confused.

The unit offered only bares a comparison to the HTC PM7000 you are confusing it with. They look similar but are not. Look at all the extra attachments on the HTC PM7000 and the much wider leg stance…etc. This unit offered is like having a set of saw horses with plywood top. Offer the good one and I’d bite.

I use 3 or 4 2x4’s and a couple saw horses. I fold them up and lean them on the wall when not cutting. However, this seems like a nice improvement.

Yes the 7000 is indeed a step up from the 7500. The 7000 comes with the vise and one extra tool mount. The only advantages I can see that the 7500 has over the 7000 is the LED vs incandescent light, and the slightly more stylish wheels. The 7000 appears to be more heavy duty as well.

Anyone know where I can get the LED light?

I should have bought this last time it was up on woot. I’ve started a patio project and been cutting lots of boards (some by hand) and having to reach over to support the cut-off piece is a pain. My wife commandeered my saw horses for the painting part so I could have really used this.

Last I saw, Ikea has AC LED’s on goosenecks very similar to this for $10. I’ve had two of them for years and they are very high quality and produce an even cone of light. The plug is a transformer, so you have to deal with that, but an easy McGiver would integrate their light nicely into this unit, methinks.

I just got mine today. VERY happy with it!
But actually my only complaint is the light. not too practical: battery operated with 2 AAA batteries (included) and it actually gets in the way (my Miter double saw is actually wider than this unit and I can only anchor it to one set of bolts because the light reduces the bracket length by over an inch). I’ll try to remove the light without damaging it, but would had preferred an electric light. The bench has plenty of sockets for it too.

The extensions are great holding up long pieces of wood, facilitating the cutting big time.

Great product.

I agree. I assumed it would be easy to remove, but it doesn’t appear to be something they anticipated the end user would want to do. The other main issue I have with the product so far are all the cheap plastic parts like the tool storage, the extension latches/locks, and the flimsy plastic trim around the power strip. One of my wheels doesn’t turn very easily either.

My miter saw has mounting holes that are narrower than the included brackets. The front holes fit, but the back ones are much closer together. The included additional brackets don’t reach in close enough either. The manual mentions another bracket (J-210) but where do I get that? And would it even work?

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? There should be some contact info in your manual. We rarely have spare parts on hand, but you do have a warranty with PortaMate and should be able to contact them for replacements.