Portamate Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand

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Portamate Folding Miter Saw Power Tool Stand
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Time to check out the product page and check out this review over at WoodMagazine.com

In my opinion, this miter saw stand was overloaded with so much unnecessary stuff that it is now too cumbersome for its primary purpose as a miter saw stand. The vise, the light, and the extra large size of this unit absolutely required the wheels which were otherwise unnecessary. Of course the extra appointments and size/weight of the stand make it nearly as expensive or more expensive than some very good miter saws.

This is much like the 1950’s concept of the “Shop Smith”, and we know where that got Shop Smith…the Jack of all trades and the Master of none!


For those of you looking for a real work base for a mitre saw - that is one that doesn’t weigh more than the saw that’s being put on it and w/out all the extraneous flub-dubs (thank you, Abraham) - ACME Tool now has DeWalt’s base for a mere $99.00. It weighs in at staggering 15.4 lbs. Just sayin’…

That’s a good choice! And another one is made by Skil Tools and I own one. When you’re finished using you miter saw, you simply fold the legs of this mount, grab it by the handle and hang it on a hook on the wall. All this for 79 bucks…why make your life complicated?

Does anyone know how easily this can be collapsed and moved around and whether or not that can be done WITH a saw mounted on it (versus having to take the saw off, collapse and move the cart and then re-mount the saw)? I was about to buy the RIDGID “MSUV” (Miter Saw Utility Vehicle) at Home Depot because a friend has one and can collapse it in a heartbeat and relocate it, all without removing the 12" compound miter saw he has mounted to it. In addition, he can leave it standing ON END in a corner while collapsed with the saw mounted - something it doesn’t appear this stand can do (I don’t see any way it can support itself on an end like the MSUV can. That feature is a real space saver).

The extra features on this unit are appealing, but my primary purpose in a portable stand is PORTABILITY and ease of moving my saw (as opposed to having to carry the saw around).

Any thoughts?

I have a few thoughts. First of all, this stand has a weight of 75 to 80 lbs…that’s without a miter saw attached. You still have to lift this heavy stand to hang it on the wall and with an additional 40 lb. miter saw still attached, you have little chance of accomplishing that without giving yourself a hernia.

The miter station which I have is very simple and very light weight at about 17 lbs. and no wheels required. Mine is made by Skil, has folding legs and cost $79 when I bought it this spring. If you want to, you can leave the saw on the station when you put it back on the wall but I do not. I put mine on an overhead rack in the garage which I built to hold this and some other tools. Hope this helps you.

[two buttons fold up the legs by the wheels. With the saw still attached it’s a little heavy.

So is this the first time ever that Woot! has offered a free hernia with purchase?

“1950’s concept”? So you’re evidently unaware that Shopsmith is still around and doing quite well? Every Shopsmith owner I’ve talked to is quite happy with it.

Based on that, I’d have to say you’re playing opposites here and really mean to say this stand is really a great idea.

No warranty with that though.

I picked this up the last time it was on woot, but with slightly different intentions than most people have for it

I live in an apartment, my “shop” is an enclosed porch with not a lot of room, I bought this so I can store my machines on shelves and just mount what I need for each project quickly and easily by buying a couple more sets of the tool mounts and keeping them attached to the tools

For this purpose it works well…I don’t know if I’d want to really use something this big as a portable work station though

Overall it’s fairly sturdy for a folding unit. The light is terrible, and the vise is pretty useless. The good thing there is that disassembling the vice leaves you with an extra set of tool mounts

I’m not playing opposites at all, I’m only telling it as I see it. If you don’t believe, then buy one of these yourself and be sure to let us know how it works for you.

Yes, this is the first hernia woot has offered free of charge. Although I’ve had pains in other parts of my body from some woot purchases in the past.

I doubt seriously anyone who purchased one would openly admit they made a mistake after spending so much on woodworking worlds longest running joke…

Craigslist keeps a running tab on all of the happy shopsmith owners in the For Sale/Tools by Owner section

I have one of those Shop Smiths. I only keep is because its a good lathe and a large drill press. Other wise its mediocre at best. Beware of things that try to be all end all.