PortaMate Megavise II Portable Vise Stand

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PortaMate Megavise II Portable Vise Stand
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 24 to Tuesday, Mar 25) + transit
Condition: New


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3/17/2014 - $79.99 (Woot-off) - 7 comment(s)
2/10/2014 - $99.99 - 20 comment(s)

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Woot, are you doing this so people will shut up about the price of a JawHorse?

Time to check out the users manual

The Informative Manual lists the max load as 220.5 lbs, not 600.

compare to Craftsman Portable job vise with extension #00910269000. $69.99 & free shipping

Thank you for the heads up. For that price, I might be picking that one up at Sears tomorrow.

Just bought the **Craftsman**, thanks for the link. Sears will have it in my local store in two days for pick-up (for free), and I had a coupon plus got 5% off for putting it on my Sears card - which I pay in full monthly to avoid finance charges. The Craftsman appears to be almost identical to this PortaMate branded version so I save money and get a better warranty (heck, with Sears it might as well be a “replacement guarantee” - if you even hint you’re going to buy a different manufacturer to a store manager [due to failure of the product] they will order you a brand new Craftsman replacement on the spot, no questions asked).

Quality post!


woot, you lost, but then it wasn’t really a deal now was it?

I bought this PortaMate vise the last time it was offered here a few weeks ago. I received it the SAME week only 3 days after ordering it…and I appreciate the quick service! I put it together the same day and starting using it immediately. It is super! Oh yes, there is NO assembly required. All that is necessary is to open the box, remove the Styrofoam, remove the bubble wrap from the unit and extend the legs…you are now good to go.

Using the PortaMate is a joy! It is very solid, very compact and very utilitarian. I love the idea that I can fold the legs and hang it out of the way on a wall. Moreover, the price is fantastic! I’m happy I bought it…it’s a tool that just needed to be invented!

Brought to you by PortaMate, As Seen on TV!

Thanks for the advert.

Except that Woot’s deal has a vise with a 600lb weight limit and that Craftsman is 220 lbs. Let’s compare apples to apples folks.

lets read the manual where it says the maximum load for this is 220 also.
we are comparing apples to apples.

Except that . . . as noted by Craigmar above, the product info web page, and the owners’ manual, the capacity of the two are the same.

Woot, by now you guys should have responded to the capacity discrepancy. What is your source for the 600 pound capacity? As others have noted, even the owner’s manual states 220 pounds.

Please see the previous discussion’s posts about Maximum Weight Capacity (as verified with the vendor):

"We have confirmed with the vendor that the Max load is 600 lbs."

I say balls.

Did you confirm with the company that you buy them from, or with the manufacturer? If the actual limit is 600 lbs, then why does the owner’s manual say 220 lbs?

Please clear up this difference. Who - exactly - claims 600lbs?

I bought one from the Mar 17, 2014 Woot-Off. What I actually received was a PortaMate Megavise III not a PortaMate Megavise II. I have no clue what the difference is. The outside of the box clearly states it has a 220 lb. capacity. Unfortunately the item is being returned to Woot because the box was all banged up and parts of the Vise legs were protruding out and scuffed and scratched. Strangely enough they did not put the Vise box into an outer box with bubble wrap or other protection during shipping. I just purchased the Sears vise from PWC’s post.