PortaMate Saw Horse, 2-Pack

**Item: **PortaMate Saw Horse, 2-Pack
Price: $64.99
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Condition: New

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Great price, definitely come in handy

Check out some reviews from Amazon and Home Depot

I was just looking at these at a local famous big-box retailers a couple weeks ago, and I’m glad I passed on them, because they were $65 EACH. They are very well built, and very, very sturdy. I’d call this a very good purchase, unless of course you don’t need a couple sawhorses, in which case I’d say probably not.

Time to check out the product page and learn all about the parent company

I’ve owned a number of different saw horses over the years including wood and plastic variants. I also own a PortaMade miter saw stand, so I can say a few things here.

First, the real advantage to these is that they fold up for easy transport and storage. If you are like the typical homeowner that uses these afew times a year, being able to tuck them out of the way when not being used is nice.

These use the same folding design as the miter saw stand, and therefore I can easily say they will be stable and hold sufficent went for smaller jobs - but don’t plan on stacking some 2x10s on these and using them as scaffolding.

That said, since these are metal stands , you will want to cut a scrap piece of 2x4 to attach to the top as they show in the pictures. Not only will this keep the material from sliding off the slick painted metal surface, but it will also be a sacrificial surface for when your saw runs a bit too deep… and trust me - it probably will eventually.

Nice little package - and a lot nicer than those stamped steel versions that are really thin - plus they take up much less space than the cheap plastic versions. This seems to be a good buy provided you understsand the limitations.

Wait, this description has me confused? Am I buying powder-coated metal sawhorses or stout ruffian gadflies? I’m not sure that something “powder coated” would be good for anything but a spirited “how do you do” on a Tuesday night.

And do I have a choice between dungarees or dashing striped swimming costume? No sir, as the write-up says, you can’t beat the personal touch of Hired Goons and Stout Ruffians.