Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Rack

Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Rack

Anyone get this the last time it was up for sale? It looked solid but I’m curious what it’s like IRL.

The reviews look pretty good, but then, the expectations will always taint the review…

There’s one review in our last offer… after all the math discussion.

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I ordered one set of racks last time they were on and installed them on the back wall of my garage, and I’m going to order another set this time to help span the entire wall (16’ span) and carry some more weight. The’re very solid racks, I was impressed with the build quality, just make sure you assemble the shelves correctly (notches in the orange square tubes sit on top of the screws in the uprights, gravity keeps them in place). I noticed in the amazon reviews some people didn’t understand the directions and modified the shelves to make them “work” and ended up ruining them in the process. You also have to bring your own mounting hardware for the uprights which isn’t necessarily a problem, just something to be aware of. I used lag bolts into the studs and it’s very secure.


A lumber rack… a lumber rack. I don’t even own a lumber, let alone many lumbers that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do with a lumber rack?


Well the 2 bars are 39", the orange bars are 11 1/2" deep. Only got 6 orange bars, no spacers and no screws. Highly dissapointed.

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