Porter-Cable 20V MAX Drill/Impact Driver Combo

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Porter-Cable 20V MAX Drill/Impact Driver Combo
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Really Woot? What happened to you man… What happened to the website I once knew?

This is $99 at Lowes and comes with a bag.

Really Mike? What happened to you man…

The set you looked at isn’t brushless. Here’s the correct set at $159


Are these worth purchasing?

$89 at TSC stores…

[MOD: Not finding it online. Make sure it’s brushless.]

don’t waste your money, multiple reviews of issues within a year on these things…

[MOD: Dude, that’s not even the same brand. ]

I fail to see how a review of a Ryobi set relates to the Porter Cable set pictured

Yeah Mike,

Great comeback for the quick to judge!

Do you guys remember when Mike used to be cool? #whathappenedMike

Does it include a battery ?

Despite the wrong links and green apple to red apple comparisons. And whatever Mike is up to. The black batteries are the base model lower powered batteries. They are fine for the average Joe who just wants to do some small jobs. But you will want the higher power kits that include the red batteries if you want to tackle heavier jobs like building decks/sheds/garage or larger construction.

Yes, brushless is better. But,even if you find there is a deal on the older non-brushless sets(red batteries). These are very good tools. I have both types and tons of batteries for the porter 20v. Yet to break one or have it fail in two something years. Built or helped friends build several decks/lumber projects, a couple sheds and a major redo on a 3 car garage. Dropped, stepped on, and a few clumsy friends. Still work.

Pay more for other brands if your profession demands it. But most men and women will find these to be far more than adequate for daily use.

Two of them according to the specs. :slight_smile:

In the Box:

(1) PCC608 20V MAX* Brushless Drill Driver
(1) PCC647 20V MAX* Brushless Impact Driver
(2) PCC681L 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.3 Ah Compact Batteries
(1) PCC699L Compact 1 Amp Charger


So you’re saying a set more like this

Which is brushless and only ~$10 more than this deal.

This Lowes deal does have the larger 1.5AH (RED) batteries also. It does have the PCC607 brushless drill/driver where this deal is the PCC608 brushless drill/driver. Don’t know what the difference is. Might be better just for the larger batteries.

This is a pretty good deal for the home owner, only issue for me is the 1.3ah batteries. But for the home owner use and having two batts, this will prolly never be an issue. For me, I’m a strong supporter of Rigid from HD because great quality tools and my kit I just bought has the 4ah batts. Plus tools and batts are warrantied for life, but you have to register (easy to do) and buy from a authorized rigid dealer (no ebay). Good deal here though.

I have both tools (not purchased through Woot). The impact gun is GREAT. Highly recommend it just for the impact gun.

its sad really. Porter Cable used to be a power house brand and invented alot of features found today in modern powertools back in the day. Now Porter cable is Dewalt’s answer to Ryobi. My personal opinion, spend a tad more for dewalt or a makita. It will last longer, perform tons better.

In the power tool hierarchy, SBD’s Black & Decker is more on par with TTI’s Ryobi, targeting your weekend warriors. In the professional market, there’s DeWalt against Milwaukee.

Porter Cable is closer to Ridgid in the “I want better performance but don’t want to break the bank” market.