Porter-Cable 20V MAX Drill/Impact Driver Combo

Currently on sale at lowes for $129, comes with better batteries, 1.5 amp. In addition, less hassle to return if it has a problem. Woot used to have great deals years ago.

I’m guessing it’s a different model.

Here’s the one we’re selling at Lowe’s for $139.30

Also, you might like this. :slight_smile:


Comes with better batteries $129

This isn’t a bad deal still, but I agree that spending a bit more for the aforementioned set at Lowe’s is an even better deal. Besides the higher capacity batteries, the drill offers a bit more torque, higher rpm, and a shorter body. It’s still brushless, so there’s no compromise there vs. here.

OTOH, Lowe’s doesn’t sell catshirts, whereas Woot does …

That set is not brushless. The one we’re selling is brushless.

Brushless set is the same price, with the same better 1.5 AH batteries