Porter-Cable 20V MAX Drill/Impact Driver Tool Kit

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Porter-Cable 20V MAX Drill/Impact Driver Tool Kit
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Or you could simply buy a new Dewalt 20v combo pack at Home Depot for $169.00.

The batteries look like they could be the same as Black and Decker. I wonder if it is so? That would be a great selling point.

Decent drill with poor low speed (meaning screw driving) performance. They make several variants, all are called MAX (the name refers to the battery system). The black batteries are 1.3 Ah, the red ones are 2.0 Ah. The drill only is $79 in store $99 online at Lowes WITH 2 BATTERIES! The included charger is annoying and the more usual 1 piece unit costs $39 extra.
Have not used the impact driver. Part of the system is a grinder which we use frequently and is the reason I bought into this system.
The drill is excellent for drilling into wood, and acceptable for drilling into steels. This is not the best drill for driving screws. The unit is slightly lighter duty than my DeWalts and Hitachis. The build is very acceptable for homeowner use. You will likely want to opt in for the better charger, but the extra cost of that charger makes the system more costly than the heavier DeWalt system.
When you buy into these drills you are buying into the core of the systems - the batteries. My recommendation is to make sure that the other tools that you might eventually buy are available from this manuacturer.
One lighter duty manufacturer that makes a tremendous number of tool variants like fans (use them all of the time) and great led lights ( by far the best I own) and liquid pumps and tire inflators is Ryobi. Lots of tools, homeowner quality but very useful around the house. And they make a 4.0 Ah battery for extended use.
Black and Decker owns DeWalt and Porter Cable. As far as batteries go, the Blavck and Decker 20V have 4 slots and the Porter Cable DeWalt and Craftsman have 5. There are modifications (minor) to make the batteries interchangable but they are so readily available That you should just buy the batteries you need for the system that you have.
Hope this review is helpful.

I own this set, but with higher capacity red batteries. It’s a great set and run very well for a few steps above the normal consumer grade stuff most home centers sell. They may not hold up to a $4xx+ set of commercial grade drills. But if you want a set of quality drill/impact drivers. These are hard to beat for home owners and most of the projects we would need them for. Recently built a 16x20 shed and these didn’t fail to drive all the screws I threw at them. The impact driver was flawless at driving several dozen 8 inch lag screws on the same battery.

Again, my set uses the better red battery and also be aware they have since switched to the NEW Brushless design that is supposed to have a bit more power and battery life. This set on woot is the most basic set and battery combo. At least that I’m aware of. Still not too bad of a deal.


[MOD: One must look deeper than the pretty pictures. Not the same.]

Refurbished and the drills are NOT Brushless. Not even close to the product being offered today by WOOT.

The Red Batteries are on the older Non-Brushless units. This offer is the New Brushless design with More power. This is NOT the most basic Set and battery combo. the only better impact drill is the PCCK647LB that goes for over $170. https://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-PCCK647LB-Brushless-Cordless-Impact/dp/B01KBWEBQU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500904382&sr=8-1&keywords=pcck647lb

Picking one of these up from WOOT today, as this is a great deal based on current market Brushless drills.

Again, these are MAX 20V units and are also their current top of line Brushless technology.

$118 at the parent company of this site (hint: it’s also the site we all go to compare a price before we buy anywhere). Oh, and it’s available for prime. Oh dang I might have given it away there.

[MOD: Not all drills are the same. See post below.]

It is Actually $179.99 on the parent site…


The one you are comparing is the wrong model number and is the entry level combo kit being sold of $118. Here is the link of the one you are referencing.


I own both of these tools. IMHO, good tools. I advise dropping down to lowes and picking up a couple of high capacity batteries. There is a tendency for manufactures to drop the old batteries as soon as the new models come out. Then your stuck with too few batteries. That happened to me with the last version of Porter-Cable battery powered tools. They were 18v IIRC and now I have too few batteries for that set of tools.

Does this set have hammer drill capabilities? Are there sets that can do all three out there (drill, hammer drill, impact driver)? Would like a decent drill set but if I’m going to drop a few hundred on one I’d like it to cover all possible drilling needs, and as I learned recently drilling some small holes into concrete, sometimes a hammer drill is a necessity.

Mostly valid stuff here. Again, the $100 Lowe’s drill has a brushed motor. Big difference as brushless is more efficient so more power and more runtime.

Also, the “thin” red battery is 1.5ah. The “thick” red battery is 4ah.

EDIT: No hammer function on this. Honestly, you’ll hardly ever need it and just adds weight. Not worth it IMHO.

NO> We paid 79 each for brushless top of the line drills with batteries. My comments apply to the set sold here. And the torque is more than their older version, but less than say a dewalt.

While not trying to ruffle feathers.

catamount1 keeps posting/updating info that is still not quite correct.
Although others have also mentioned proper stats and a few misdirected links.

This is the newest “Brushless” combo set(very good). It includes 2 of the lowest amperage batteries that are offered for these drills by Porter Cable (adequate for most, but there are 3 better options 1.5, 4.0 and 5.0 batteries are available). While the 2 biggest amperage batteries are pricey and usually must be bought separate after the initial purchase. They are out there.

All in all this is the latest in the line of drills from Porter Cable. But it is the “basic” starter set.

Worth buying: YES

There is a 2.0ah battery sold with some kits. I believe the hammer drill setup and some of the new brushless kits have come with them.

I have the complete set of these tools with all 1.5ah batteries and picked up a 5.0 aftermarket battery on ebay.

I absolutely love the tools. My only regret is that there are far less tools to choose from in this line now and they have introduced many less quality variants of the tools too.

I believe that this is a trend among many manufacturers. When I bought into this system the other systems were alot more expensive. This is not as true today so I may would go yellow, red or blue today?

I however do love my PC 20max tools and have no issues with any of them.

I would also point out that this set is a combination of the good and and lower end tools. It has the lesser drill and charger but the better impact I believe. So many versions these days. Hard to know what you are getting.

Different folks have different needs. If you work with concrete or masonry, a hammer drill is a must.

This is strictly an opinion (I don’t work for Woot), but I feel it’s not so much a trend as it’s rather the parent that’s limiting what products are available in which lineup. Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) has cordless power tools under the Black & Decker, Stanley (FatMax), Bostitch, Porter Cable, and DeWalt brands. B&D and Stanley are targeted for home owners with lighter duty tasks and DeWalt the professional market.

Bostitch and Porter Cable are targeted as contractor-grade but at friendlier prices – which kinda steps into DeWalt’s market. By limiting the number of tools under those brands and changing the battery system from time to time, they’re purposely restricting some of their appeal.

Just to throw a wrench, socket, hammer, and screwdriver into this, SBD will be adding Craftsman into their portfolio too.

With that said, I would say Yellow has been the best for longevity. The 18V lineup has been around for eons, and they’re still making them. Dark blue is solid, but I’ve kinda felt there’s less availability for their products. Red has already changed/abandoned several iterations of their Li-ion tools, and Blue (Teal) has had a couple changes to their battery systems too; at my previous work, they were lower on the list of brands to consider.

Sorry I didn’t really write enough to be clear. When I said trend I was meaning that they offer so many different drills at different price points etc. I have also seen that they have kits that have lower end versions of the grinder etc. But have not seen those available as stand-alone tools.

I think it’s funny that you brought up the Craftsman entering the mix. Because technically it already existed. The Bolt-On series were part of the SB&D 20v max line. I think the batteries may have even been compatible with the B&D chargers. I know Sears was clearing them out a while back so it may no longer be a current product.

Had I known that the dewalt stuff would drop in price as it has or even better that the Ryobi offerings would get as much better as they have. It may have changed the choice for a lot of Diy’ers. Especially with all the lawn and garden tools and stuff.

One things for sure the evolution of all these tools is great and it has never been more affordable for a homeowner to buy some affordable tools that are truly capable of doing the job.