Porter-Cable 20V MAX Drill/Impact Driver Tool Kit

Probably are. Dewalt, Black & Decker, Porter Cable; all part of Stanley Black and Decker corp.

No worries; there’s probably some of me presuming things while I’m not being focused on my actual work too. :slight_smile:

CM has had a variety of OEMs in the past – which of course means good luck getting spares 2 years later. You’re correct that they no longer offer the Bolt-on series. The Nextec series is pretty much gone too. And probably the C3 at this point.

Lime Green had to improve in order to NOT remain lumped in as “cheap power tools” – and they’ve done a great job of that. That baton has pretty much been handed off to HF, which still has its share of few-use power tools, but much to benefit of consumers, their quality has been improving too.