Porter-Cable 6 gal Oil-Free Compressor

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Porter-Cable 6 gal Oil-Free Compressor
Price: $84.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews from Home Depot

Time to check out the product page and good reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at lowes.com

On average good reviews on the refurbed units at Amazon, but there are a number with concerns.

Nice find, I searched a bit before posting to see if there were any combo deals out there without any luck. Didn’t check ebay though. The PC nailers are solid.

I bought this same compressor off of amazon a few weeks ago and it’s been great! I use it mostly for working on my bikes, it’s makes seating fatbike, 29er and tubeless tires a breeze. Having a blower nozzle makes getting the winter/spring sand and grit out of the cassette much easier.

I did end up building myself a version of this presta inflator with parts off of an old floor pump:http://www.singletracks.com/blog/uncategorized/diy-presta-tire-inflator/ I know it’s possible to use the small presta to schraeder adapters, but it’s amazingly annoying if EVERY bike you own with the exception of the baby trailer has presta.

I’ve set myself google calendar reminders every 2 weeks to drain the condensation that builds up. Hopefully this will lessen the chance of the tank rusting out.

A good compressor while it works, but consider it disposable.

This model is known to break down pretty quickly. The failure point is a small bit of plastic within the pressure regulator.
The only way to replace it is to buy another manifold (P/N N082939SV, ~$50) but that new assembly comes with that same bit of plastic that will fail within a year.

A shame to see a quality name like Porter Cable putting out products like this, but I guess you must to stay competitive.

yeah… this segment used to be dominated by husky and whatever label HF put on their cheapest compressor. PC has taken over the market. This thing is obnoxiously loud and not very reliable. With that said, its probably perfect for inflating tires and blowing crumbs out of your keyboard. The rare nail gun application will do fine as well.

You have to step up to around $200 bucks to get something noticeably superior (at which point California air tools or makita make some very nice portable compressors).

As for the bundle, if you do upholstery, I guess a brad nailer would be great. It would be a better bundle for most with a finish nailer IMO.

I bought this same model a little over a year ago. It was a combo pack that came with an 18g nailer, some finishing nails, a carry bag for the gun and an air hose for around 100 or so at Home Depot during some promotion. I bought it to help replace my trim in my home that I recently bought and also use it for my tires. So far it has served its purpose without any complaints. It is noisy until it reaches pressure then kicks off, but I don’t know of any compressors that aren’t noisy.

Thanks!! I almost never see reviews talking about seating tubeless bicycle tires and that’s exactly what I need one for. Cheers!

I bought this awhile back with the 2-nailer combo. It’s been great. I did a house full of baseboard, some crown molding, and part of a hardwood floor.

For $12 you can get a set of add-ons from Home Depot that let you fill your car/bike tires and use it as an air blower (or whatever those are called).

good question!

if noise is a concern, Id suggest you check out this one


or any of the CAT units.


There is a video comparing to a conventional oilless pancake unit (kinda looks like it could be PC, but they all look the same)

It is smaller capacity, but it is substantially higher CFM (in truth, thats why the PC needs 6gallons, because it needs the buffer to cover up its low throughput)

There are bigger CAT units, but that one is already $200, the price climbs higher from there (as does the weight).

It makes it WAY easier! Just fill a spray bottle with soapy water and spray on the bead if it doesn’t seat properly the first time.

I’ve had one of these for a couple years now; I picked mine up at Home Depot with the nailer combo kit and it works well enough for what I use it for, which is tire inflation and the odd trim nail job here and there. It is fairly loud, but generally if I’m running it in an enclosed room I’ll toss on my ear muffs, especially if I’m using the nailer with it.

I got one of these for Christmas. We had new hardwood floors put in and the contractor used 2 of these. He says he buys them because they are cheap and light and he has to replace them about every 6 months or so. But they use them every day, all day. I figure mine should last 10 years at that rate.

Got mine yesterday. Although it works, it was not what I expected for a refurb. There was drywall dust in all of the crevices, it was partially painted a different shade of red and there was quite a bit of condensate in the tank. Clearly used…