Porter-Cable 6 gal Oil-Free Compressor

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Porter-Cable 6 gal Oil-Free Compressor
Price: $69.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Short review: After owning 1/2doz compressors, this is the one I kept. Large enough, strong enough, quieter than most, and two outlets which probably cost them two bits to add, and makes it insanely more convenient for nontrivial projects. Great buy at this price even for refrob.

Would this be able to pump bike tires to 140psi?

Might be handy to have in the garage to keep car/bike tires inflated…

I believe that would be easy for this thing.

But I wouldn’t do it (with regards to the 140psi bike tire, specifically).

Given the volume in a typical 700c high-pressure bike tire, you’d likely pop that sucker pretty quick, and likely take the carcass with it too.

Car tires are high volume, so increase psi gradually enough. no worries there.

While it’s okay for bike tires, it will take some time to fill up a car tire. Remember that the “pancake” type tank on this machine only has the capacity of 3 gallons or so, this would be used up very quickly in trying to inflate a car tire. If your car tire only seems a little low, this compressor should do okay but it will not likely fill a tire that is all the way flat, as the tire bead is probably separated from the rim.

I’ve been using the same one for a year or so. Mine was also reconditioned and came with a hose and 16ga nailer as a kit from another retailer. It’s been working great so far.

For my usage (basic homeowner stuff - some window trim, baseboards, top off tires, blowing saw dust off a project before painting) it has been a great balance of portability and power. Powerful enough for my uses, but not so large it’s a pain to store or move around the house/garage.

Can this blow out air from a lawn sprinkler system at the end of the season?

Have this same one. The regulator gauge decided to go out after 3 months…and I barely used it. Otherwise, I still use it to air up tires.

Looks like this does not come with the usual hose, blow gun & tips, and spare quick-disconnect fittings. Anyone know any different?

That’s what she said…

I’ve used this for blowing out the sprinklers and my pool lines. This compressor will do what ever you need. Used it for power tools, pool floats, tires ect…

Yeah, I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it did (or I could buy the 13-Piece Accessory Kit separate for a reasonable price)

I got one of these at Lowes. It did not come with those parts, however Lowes does sell a basic accessory kit for a good price (or did at the time anyway).

The compressor was on sale at the time, and was running either $89 or $99. $69 is a pretty good deal.

Is that why the call it a 6 gal compressor in the title?