Porter-Cable 6 gal Oil-Free Compressor

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Porter-Cable 6 gal Oil-Free Compressor
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 19 to Friday, Feb 20) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Good reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com and check out the product page

I have owned one of these for 6 months. I got mine on sale at lowes. It has worked great for me at our farm. Nice compact size makes it easy to carry to your projects. We use ours for our nail/staple guns and inflating tires. You may want one with a larger tank if using mainly for spray painting.

Reviews over at Northern Tool

I dont see a mention of a air hose and nozzle.
i want to use this for airing tires …bike, car etc
how much can i expect to pay for the air hose and nozzle…

I confirmed with the buyer that it IS just the compressor. Hopefully a fellow wooter can chime in on some good hoses/nozzles.

These are great but I personally wouldn’t recommend buying a factory reconditioned one. No matter how much I trust Porter-Cable, I also know that weak spots in these tanks can lead to blow-outs. If any of the reconditioned items have ‘used’ tanks, I’d hate to work around that thing. Porter-Cable does offer a warranty on these items and it’s possible that they do some advanced testing on returned tanks. But given how much people abuse these things, I only use ones that I buy new myself. If you don’t drain the condensation out of these tanks on a regular basis, they can rust and weaken. If a weak tank makes it back into Porter-Cable’s reconditioning line, you could be the one sitting next to it when it has a large tank failure. Maybe I’m too paranoid, but they’re cheap enough and awesome enough that buying them new seems worth it to me.

Harbor Freight has a hose with a handful of adapters for about 20 bucks.

BTW…I have a couple of these and they are not too bad. Keep one in the front workshop, one by the boat shed, etc… Really come in handy

I bought the whole set at Home Depot several weekend including 3 nail guns for $299. Used it to put up beadboard and molding in the kitchen and it FLEW through the job!! Very pleased with it! Not sure what hoses and guns cost. You can pick up a cheap “inflator” end at Harbor Freight for about $20.

Had my eye on this exact model. Am taking your advice and buying new instead of reconditioned one.

Unless you need one right away I would say wait. Big Orange has these on sale rather frequently. They come in a variety of packages based on your needs and price point:
Compressor only $150
Compressor, hose, brad nailer $199
Compressor, hose, finish nailer $179
Compressor, hose, finish and brad nailers and crown stapler.$269

I picked up the compressor, hose and brad nailer on sale for $120 new from Big Orange and it’s fantastic so I would wait on a new unit.

Make sure to break it in properly for long life. This is a great review that lists how to properly break the unit in. How to break in your new Porter Cable compressor

I bought one of these last time it was on woot. It’s not refurbished, it’s downright used. Mine had white paint spattered all over. I don’t know what’s up with the gauges but the needles were all over the place while the compressor was going, and when it finally stopped , the needles were fine. I have a Porter Cable drill that I really like, so I figured this was a decent bet. I’m too lazy to return it. I really can’t recommend this though.

I bought one of these new about a year ago. It works well but noisier than I expected. It’s made well. I accidentally dropped it from about 5 feet high on to a ceramic tile floor and it didn’t get a scratch, still worked.
If you don’t already have a nail gun or whatever accessory you are going to use I would recommend buying a combo pack to save $.

I bought one of these a number of months ago on Woot as a package deal that included 2 nailers and a stapler, as well as a hose (which is terrible, be lucky it doesn’t come with the one I got). You could tell it was reconditioned by the paint over-spray. My issue with it was that it was DOA due to a motor brush having fallen out of place during shipping. I was able to fix that myself though opposed to returning it and it has worked to perfection ever since then.

I bought this as I am redoing all the floors and baseboards and door casings in my condo. Still a work in progress, but neither the compressor nor any of the guns have let me down yet (I since also bought a PC pin nailer). The compressor is relatively quiet compared to other compressors I have owned. My only wish was that the cord was a bit longer.

If you want to get some tools to go along with this, you may want to hold out for a package deal to show up, of which various versions appear here on Woot from time to time, but as others have stated can also be found at the big box stores sometimes as well.

You can get cheap PVC hose at Harbor Freight (25ft for $9) but the PVC hose is a little stiff and inconvenient. The rubber hose is about twice as expensive but is much more convenient to use. Choose based on how you will use it. I use PVC just to get air across long distances and then use rubber where I am working.

3/8th hose is good enough for this compressor. 1/2inch hose would be for big jobs needing high flow air for power tools.

You might also want a hose reel to keep the hose stored neatly. A hose reel with 30ft rubber hose is $50 at Harbor Freight. Add a couple bucks for connectors and you are set.

But a 20ft coiled hose for $4 (plus the proper connectors) will allow simple tire filling or minimal staple gun operation.

I have owned 2 of these in the past 5 years and they both died. I would spend the money for a larger better model.
One lasted 1 years and one lasted 8 month’s and they were both problems with the pressure switches. One blew fuses when it turned on while using and the other won’t stop filling.
Do not buy coiled up lines.

No. No. No.

I was given one of these as a present. I took it back and had it replaced 3 TIMES within a year. This is manufactured in China by a no-name factory that then rebrands them for dozens of US “manufacturers.” I’ve seen them under Porter-Cable and several other “name” brands. It’s the same unit with different logos, colors, head pieces, gauges, etc. It’s the same. It would probably be fine for the occasional work bench tinkerer, and for filling tires and the occasional low-pressure paint job, but do NOT buy this unit if you plan on anything other than low to moderate use. It will fail, absolutely.

Thanks I was trying to figure out what came with it. Most of my searches have accessorizes or at least a 25ft hose.