Porter-Cable Compact Hammer Drill Kit

Porter-Cable Compact Hammer Drill Kit

This is a BRUSHED model drill! What you want is a BRUSHLESS drill/hammer drill. I don’t think any of the Porter Cable tools on this deal 3/29/2019 are brushless! But unless you knew to go find out, WOOT wouldn’t tell you (and Amazon tries really hard to keep it hidden too).

If they wanted to bolster customer confidence, they’d say it right up front.

Thanks very much for that heads up!! Saved me more disappointment!

Good morning. It’s not like we’re hiding something. Our information is straight from P-C:


Unless your career depends on using drills these drills with brushes would work just fine for the average DIY homeowner. A Brushless drill does indeed last longer but not critical if you’re only using it seldomly.