Porter-Cable Compressor and Nailer Combo Kit

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Porter-Cable Compressor and Nailer Combo Kit
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Check out the product page for the compressor

Time to learn all about the warranty and don’t forget, safety first!

I just bought a 10 gallon air compressor from Woot, but am curious if anyone knows what/where I should be looking at for Brad Nailers. I’ve worked with Porter and Cable impacts before and was a big fan, but how do their Brad Nailers stack up? Also, anybody know of a good upholstery nailer?

I’m wondering if all the misspellings in the description have anything to do with a clue, or if that’s the fool’s joke this year.

I have both of these - brad nailer and stapler sans compressor - and can attest they work quite well. i have stapled many a staple and nailed many a Bra…, um. nevermind.
Just trust me, they’re fine quality fastening devices!

I got this Woot some months ago, and I’ve had a chance to use the brad nailer and compressor to assist in putting up some moulding. It does a great job, and is quite handy and portable for use around the house.

One note for you guys - several people (including myself) did not get the included 100 fasteners for each tool as described, so make sure to check the box and let Woot support know if they’re missing! They were quick to take care of it.

I bought one last time, it came with a 25’ hose, only the wrong size…

I bought this exact combo last time it was offered. I have put up lots of molding since then and I am very glad I purchased it. I recommend this combo.

The end.

Typically they use staplers for upholstery, no? I just bought a Hitachi stapler and am happy with it. Ah yes, almost forgot - product plug: I have this compressor and am very happy with it. Also, I had hardwood floors put down yesterday and the workers had two of these units. They say they last 6-12 months under all day-every day use. Not bad really - should mean 10+ years for the average Joe Fix-it.

First it’s important that you understand the limitations of a brad nailer. Brads are very small nails, which are used for very light work. When you need to nail 1/4 inch material, such as the back cover of cabinets to the main body of the cabinet, it’s okay to use a brad. However anything heavier will require a heavier and LONGER nail, which a brad nailer is not designed to use. For this heavier work you would need a finish nailer.

Will Porter Cable nailers satisfy your needs? Sure they will, as will nailers from other firms. Porter Cable has a rich history as an innovative manufacturer of fine American tools, but Porter Cable today IS NOT what it was years ago. Today, after changing ownership several times, manufacturing of PC tools within US shores no longer exists. Instead, tools are now manufactured almost exclusively in China and a much smaller portion in Mexico.

So, if you want an American made tool, you’re not getting this when you buy Porter Cable. This is not so bad, as Chinese tools these days are getting much better in quality. However, the people who run this company today are playing off the good name of Porter Cable and charging higher prices than you would pay for a Chinese made product.

I have this same combo package. Bought it new from Homer for $40 more. COMPLETELY happy with it. It fills all (well, almost all) of my nailing needs.

Serious question from a noob: Can this compressor be used for painting interior walls?

Best purchase I ever made, and I paid full price. I use it for everything from filling up car tires to replacing the trim in my house. Also does great for cleaning out vacuum air filters or any other small parts cleaning. You’ll find a million uses. Inflatable kid pool? No problem. Basketball? No problem. Furniture repair…putting up a chicken wire fence around the garden…the uses are endless.

Check the CFM on the painting device you want to use against the compressor’s max CFM rating.

I’ve got one of these (bought at a large orange home improvement chain) but it will just barely drive an impact wrench. It’s done fine for tire inflation, driving a nailer, and a couple other odds and ends that require a reasonable compressor.

Will this compressor be sufficient to work with pneumatic tools?

Absolutely no…this compressor or any like it can not be used for spray painting. For painting you need a large, 2 stage compressor. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of bucks. However, there is another fairly reasonable solution that will allow you to spray paint as the pros. do for relatively little investment. You can buy an HVLP sprayer (high velocity, low pressure). You can buy one for as little as $150 and get outstanding results.

With this compressor, you are limited to nailers and just about nothing else. Most other tools require large a volume of air which this compressor can not provide. You may be able to use tools such as air wrench and drill for about 15 seconds, then wait about 2 to 3 minutes until the compressor builds enough pressure in the tank to continue. But I wouldn’t suggest you put yourself through this.

No. The compressor has a max CFM rating of 2.6 CFM @90 PSI. A decent impact wrench (I’m assuming this is what you’re asking) requires 4-5 CFM @90 PSI. This 6 gallon compressor just doesn’t have the capacity to deliver that volume of air.

It does have enough power to run the brad and finish nailer Woot is selling them with. Combine it with a blow gun accessory kit, and you’ve got a decent set of tools for the weekend warrior.

I bought this exact set a few months ago and also did not get the fasteners as indicated. I emailed the good folks over at customer service and they had me taken care of in no time.