Porter-Cable Compressor and Nailer Combo Kit

Porter-Cable Compressor and Nailer Combo Kit
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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**Item: **Porter-Cable Compressor and Nailer Combo Kit
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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10/18/2013 - $169.99 - 29 comment(s)

Let’s learn more about the warranty

Check out the product page for the compressor

Nice for moldings and finish work. Definitely not for roofing.

We got this the last time it was offered and still trying to get one that actually works.

For $20 more you can get a Bostitch brand new AND with a Stapler from Amazon:

You can get the compressor and brad nailer new from Amazon for $10 more. I was skeptical of the factory reconditioned status last time this was on Woot, so I went this route and have been happy so far: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009NR3R74

Lowes has the compressor (new) for $99 while stocks last

The one I saw on display was missing the regulator knob, I suspect that’s what’s failing on these.

I got this same deal from Home Depot a couple years back for a new compressor. I have been very happy with the compressor and the nailer/finisher.

Don’t forget compressors are also great for cleaning air filters, inflating car tires, and scaring the crap out of you when it kicks on.

I got the equivalent of this about 10 years ago, but it just had the finish nailer. Compressor still running strong, I use it regularly. Mostly with a PC framing nailer I added which it powers fine, though it runs the compressor frequently (somewhere in the 6-10 nail range). Haven’t had a problem with it, but can’t say anything about the newer models.

My local Farm & Fleet price matched Lowes $99 and since then it was less that $100 I was able to purchase the extended warranty for $15. Porter Cable gives you three years and Farm & Fleet is another two years after that. This is for a new one however.

I did own this compressor

It has a major flaw, in that there are no spare parts available, for the compressors control system (Knob that regulates air pressure).

If that knob breaks, and mine did, you throw the whole unit away, as they have run out of parts to sell you.

I also put this same note on Amazon to warn folks of the bad design.

I have not run into any problem with the regulator or regulator knob, but I am careful with my equipment. If you do break the knob and/or regulator, then it should be possible to install an aftermarket regulator. It may not look as nice and clean and the original, but it beats throwing away the unit! I cannot abide tossing equipment that is still serviceable.

I bought this compressor new several years ago as part of a kit that included the finish nailer, brad nailer, and stapler. It was 135 psi then, not 150 psi. I was going crazy attempting to install quarter round trim to James Hardie products on the exterior of my home. The work was going very slowly because I ended up having to drill a pilot hole for every finish nail (or else they would bend). In frustration, I bought this compressor and it worked great! I was able to work at least 10 times as quickly. I have used it to inflate car tires, blow away dust and debris, assemble various projects of wood, and even inflate hundreds of balloons for a big school event. I think that it saved several lives in that last application!

The compressor is quite noisy in operation. It is also a small unit with limited capacity, so it won’t support continuous use of air hog attachments such as bigger framing nailers or air ratchets. But does fine for intermittent use - you will just have to stop and let it recharge the tank.

Please note that this is an oil-free compressor. If you do not have an oiler unit attached to your air hose (and you probably don’t if you are using a small compressor like this one), then you need to add three to five drops of oil to the inlet port of your attachment (finish nailer, etc.) before hooking up the air hose and using it. Re-oil each day (or more often for extensive use). Read your manuals and be safe!

I bought one of these last time the combo was on sale (couple months ago?) for my retail business. I have been renovating, building store displays etc.
Worth every penny and then some.
The compressor alone is worth $150.00 - $170.00.
Seriously, it makes short work of projects, I spend my day trying to come up with ways to use it!
5 outa 5 in my opinion!

I bought about the same set a few years ago, added a framing nailer and a staple gun. Love it. It will inflate car and bike tires no sweat. I also added a low pressure regulator to use with my air brushes. It’s not good for large paint jobs due to the low capacity. The compressor cycles too often and can’t keep up.

I have the same compressor (well, the controls are not encased in plastic, but otherwise looks exactly the same) and have used it to both frame and roof my shed (16’x20’). For one person working by themselves it was able to keep up quite well. Had no trouble nailing 3" nails through a 2x4 into the LVL beam. I have let my dad borrow it for installing some baseboards. Both of us have been very happy with it so far.

Just be carefull, the knob is plastic, and I tightened it to much, stripping the threads. Then I spend several hrs with the part number looking for a replacement to find it was not stocked, every web site showed it, but out. I then checked several months later, and the part was still not available, so I trashed the unit.

I own 4 compressors and 2 of them appear to have exactly the same plastic knob that’s on this one. You can then order one of these knobs once you’re sure it will serve you. Short of that, you can use a cheap 3/8" drive ratchet wrench with a short extension and a socket to fit. This would be an effective and cheap way of continuing to use your compressor and save it from the trash bin.