Porter Cable Finish Nailer Kit

Just to be clear: This requires a compressor and one is not included with this item – correct?

Good price! I know other on-line houses are currently selling the same nailer (reconditioned) for $100. If you need a finish nailer, this one is reconditioned and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Indeed! You will need one, but it won’t come with this purchase.

need… depends how hard you can blow…

I love your money-saving sprit!

CPO has it for $90 plus shipping.
$20 off if you spend >100 on pc products (means you need to buy 1 more PC product)
free shipping if you spend over $199 total…

If your in the ultra rare position to fall into that situation, you could save $5 in shipping…

As I am not, and this otherwise represents a $20 discount on a product I just so happen to require. In for 1!

What “kit”. All i see is the nail gun. Does Woot! count the storage case as “kit”? I expected to see 25’ of air-hose, or a couple of clips of nails in a “kit”

Nope. Actually it’s kind of an industry standard that any time they put something in a case and give you a no-mar nose tip, it’s a kit. Some kits are better than others, but this definitely qualifies as a kit…sad huh?

I’ve purchased many P.C. factory refurb’d (as well as DeWalt) over the years and they all have been perfect. And they all still work! I wouldn’t hesitate a second to grab one of these, but I already have one. This is a nice price.

Would these 16d nails be good to hold 2x4 wood frames? I also need to do some roofing work. Should I be looking at a 15d or bigger nailer?

no, this is a finish nailer, the nails are good for moulding or cabinetry. 15d is slightly larger, still finish nails, generally used for angled finish nailers or cheaper horizontal nailers.

For 2x4s or roofing youd need a framing nailer.