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Regarding the Wallace Flatware, reviewers on other sites caution that this is advertised as 18/10, but on the flatware it says 18/0. Don’t buy if you’re looking for 18/10 quality.

Review on Overstock

Update: Disregard my statement above. Sorry for the confusion. Obviously other sites sell to people with poor eyesight.

I had the same question, but if you take a look a comments from previous sales, you’ll find that Woot staff has ascertained that this set is, in fact, 18/10. I can’t imagine that Woot would be selling it as 18/10, knowing the amount of returns if it wasn’t as advertised.

Here’s the box photo that we have to pull out for each sale. I saw the box myself. It’s 18/10.

I bought the exact same Wallace Continental Classic set back in June, and the pieces themselves are stamped “18/10” on the back.

Those coffee/tea cups are very nice… but I don’t have much use for just 3.

Ditto on the espresso cup. They look perfect but 3?

We upped them both to 8 just for you. (I hope you buy some!!!) :slight_smile: