PoshWag Dog Tooth Brush 10-Piece Kit

PoshWag Dog Tooth Brush 10-Piece Kit

I bought a toothbrush and keep forgetting to brush Cora’s teeth. Maybe tomorrow.

Teach her to brush her teeth.

She can’t hold a toothbrush. She’s got paws.

I know that she has paws.

But don’t they have things for dogs for them to get the equivalent of teeth brushing?

I have one for Zoe. I think I’ve brushed her teeth maybe 5 times. I’m a bad mom.


Look at it this way:

That’s more than some human kids brush their teeth.

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At least you got yours out of the box. Maybe when I put her to bed.

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Just brushed her teeth. She’s not happy. Now to figure out toenail clipping.

Will you need bandages for yourself?

Or is that just for working with cats, leopards, and cheetahs?

No. She’s not a cat.

I have much to learn about dealing with dogs.