Post-Guest Floor Care

If I had a way-back machine I would go back to yesterday and get the Shark vac you had on sale. I would not care if it was red or blue. Hope you will have the three in one again soon!!!

For anyone who cares, we bought the Hoover Air Pro at full price a year ago, and it is still going strong with no signs of suction decreasing… Very light and easy to maneuver. Though a few extra hose attachments would have been nice.

Anyone buying the Shark ZZ550-FS Sonic Duo Floor Cleaner in this refurb deal, be aware that you will not get any of the cleaning fluids with it. You get two empty refillable bottles. Don’t expect to use this right out of the box.

No Rug Doctor!? It’s been a while, Woot (and I need one).

I’ve been looking to replace my GreenMachine (very similar to the SpotBot). Looks amazingly similar actually. Anyhow, it would appear that Target has a good BF deal on them.

However, that would likely involve fighting crowds and them possibly selling out of them.

When mine worked, it was fantastic for spot cleaning, which is why I am looking for a replacement; yet waiting on a good deal like this.

Watch for sale on the Rug Doctor at Kohls when you have a 30% off coupon. Got mine that way for less than I’ve ever see it here.