Post Mongering 10/27/22 (Part 3)

“Vine,” Silverwind replied, stressing the hated contraction of her name in such a way that she was glad he had not yet heard Candle call her “Seaweed”, “I believe we had that discussion years ago.”

“Sorry,” she apologized quickly. Then she pressed on in a more serious manner. “It is possible, though, isn’t it?”

“Most things are possible, Oceanvine,” Silverwind replied absently. “What did you have in mind?”

“Weather control. The stories say you can control the weather.”

Hey, Benedict.

How’s the other fight going?

Pick him up.

Not t really though

All morning

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:left_speech_bubble: Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgement of others. — Wayne Dyer


Did you have a hand in this?

Did I have my hand in what?




It a monger in the usa

I was just being nice

I’ll ask you one more time.

Did you have your hand in this?