POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 (Part 1)



I love it.


I’ve had a box of junk ready to be shipped out since Sunday, but I’ve not been able to motivate myself to ship it out yet.

I guess I’ll do that tomorrow. Probably because I’ll have 4 or 5 Woot items, as well as the Nintendo Switch, to return as well.


That sounds like a lot of work. You can always wait until next week.

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The Switch needs to be shipped back by the 31st, and I want to get the box of junk out of my house, as I think the contents are starting to rot.


Ah, Well. Ship away then!

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The poll options about Narf seem slightly lopsided.

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Did you just give me permission?


I think.

Is the Nintendo switch boxed up?

Did you assume I was giving you permission and not encouragement?

It was in a box, but I realized that I had another box which already had the battery warning sticker on it.

I switched boxes, and incidentally, it’s the perfect fit with regards to length and width.

I just needed to pad the height. (I probably should have put air bubbles on the top and bottom of the Switch box).

It’s sealed now. (Along with the RMA label.)

I just need to apply the shipping labels to the correct boxes.

Bummer it has to go back. Now what will you offer @peaceetc?

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It was rotating between closets since the end of November…

Clearly, other than moving it, I wasn’t going to do much with it.

I want to play video games. But there isn’t enough time in the day.

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That’s why the night time exists.

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But that’s when I sleep.

But that’s what the daytime is for.

Can’t. Adult responsibilities.

Wait, is that the box coming to me?

I won’t be mad if I get the Switch by accident…